Lees Trail Triathlon - Taking a year off in 2020

The Lees Trail Triathlon is taking a break in 2020.
We will be making a decision about future races and will let you know what's happening in 2021 and after.

The Lees Trail Triathlon is a short-course triathlon that is open to participants from all athletic backgrounds. We are proud to host a triathlon that’s inclusive, fun and non-intimidating.

This event is held in memory of Aaron Webster, a victim of gay bashing. Aaron was murdered in Stanley Park in November 2001, near where our race takes place. Proceeds from this event are donated to the Pride Education Network, who work to make the BC school system more welcoming for LGBTQ students and staff and queer families.

Note that because of Triathlon BC and Triathlon Canada limitations on distances for younger athletes, our race is not suitable for athletes under 14 years old.  You can find more information about the Kids of Steel (KOS) program from TriBC's website. There are many KOS races available on Tri BC's race calendar throughout the year.


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2019 Race Details

  • Date: Saturday May 25, 2019
  • Time: 
    • 7:00 - 8:00 am - check-in and transition setup
    • 8:00 am - race start!
  • Location: Second Beach Pool, Stanley Park, Vancouver

The Swim

The swim takes place in the 3 50-meter lanes in Second Beach Pool. We organize the swim in 3 waves of about 30 athletes each (3 pool lanes x 10 swimmers in each lane).

Estimate your swim time when you register. We start the slower swimmers first; the faster swimmers go last. This allows us to keep the athletes from getting too spread out and also helps us finish the race sooner.

All athletes swim up and down in the same lane (10 lengths or 5 laps). Stay on the right-hand side of the lane. We will tell you on race morning how to pass (or let someone else pass) in the lane.

Most athletes can finish the swim in 16 minutes or less (even the ones who don't know how long their 500m swim time is!)

If your estimated swim time is more than about 12 minutes, you’ll probably be in the first wave, starting at 8.00.

If your estimated time is from 9 to 12 minutes, you’ll probably be in wave 2, starting about 8.20.

If you expect to complete the swim in under 9 minutes, you’ll likely be in wave 3, starting about 8.35.

Each wave waits until all athletes from the previous wave finish.

We organize the swim heats based on your estimated swim time, so the more accurate you can make your estimate, the better the chance you'll be in a group of people who swim at the same speed you do. If you really don't know, don't worry -- we'll tell you on race morning about how you can pass and self-organize in your lane so you're not held back too much. Remember, it's supposed to be fun!

The Bike

The bike course is one 10-km loop of Stanley Park (from transition, heading east on North Lagoon Drive, then Stanley Park Drive all the way around the park). You will be riding on the road, not on the sidewalk or on the bike path. The course is mostly flat or undulating, with 1 fairly steep climb up to Prospect Point and then a fast downhill back to transition.

The course is not closed to traffic, so you will encounter cars and other cyclists.

The Run

The run consists of two loops in the gravel trails of Stanley Park (Bridle Path, left onto Lees Trail, left onto Rawlings Trail, then repeat).

Course Map

We do our best to have a well-marked route, but athletes are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the course.

Course Map

Cost and Entry

The entry fee is $70, plus a $15 day-of-race insurance fee for participants who are not current members of Triathlon BC.

Triathlon BC Sanctioning

Our race is sanctioned by Triathlon BC. That means that all rules of Triathlon BC apply. Please familiarize yourself with the TriBC rules here.

A couple of clarifications around the rules:

  • You cannot wear a wetsuit in our race because the water is too warm (it's a heated pool!)   However, if you do get cold even in a pool, and you choose to wear a wetsuit, we won't stop you - but you won't receive an official time and you won't be eligible for an official prize.
  • As an age-group race, the bike portion is "draft illegal".
  • Wearing headphones or having music in either the bike or run portion of the race is prohibited.  This is a safety issue in case you need to hear instructions from race officials; you will be crossing roads and interacting with traffic during the race.

Advance Package Pickup

For 2019, we are not holding an advance package pickup as our usual location no longer exists.  Instead, all packages will be picked up on-site on race day.

Race Day Schedule

: 7:00 - 7:45 am

  • Bring or sign the TriBC waiver
  • Pick up your bike tag, race bib, and swim cap
  • Pick up your timing chip
  • Get body-marked
  • Attach the bike tag to your bike
  • Place your bike in the transition area
  • Attach the race bib to the FRONT of your cycling and/or running shirt
  • Make sure you have a FULL water bottle. During this race there is only ONE water station, as you exit to the run.

Safety Briefing: 7:45 – 8:00

Race Start: 8:00
   Note:  All the swim starts are approximate, depending on how long the safety briefing takes, and how long the previous swim wave(s) take.

Swim Wave 1 Start: 8:00

Swim Wave 2 Start: 8:20

Swim Wave 3 Start: 8.35

Results, Awards, Announcements and Door Prizes: about 10:00

Full results and photos will be emailed to racers and posted on the English Bay Cycling Club website after the race.


Prizes for top male and female finishers. Stay for the Awards Ceremony as everyone is eligible to win door prizes.

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