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Biographical Essay

Choose a person who has impacted you in some way.

Sources: You may choose someone about whom much has been written or someone who is not publicly well-known. But no matter whom you choose you will need to find sources you can use and cite. If you are choosing a local coach or someone you know, you might find information about the organizations to which he or she belongs such as the PTA or coaching. You may also conduct interviews if it is possible.

Choose a theme about this person and center your essay on this theme.

Writing - Do not tell the person's life story including every detail. But choose information that is relevant to the theme you have chosen.
1. Introduce the person in an interesting way. Talk about a personal characteristic. Introduce your chosen theme.
2. Tell an interesting story about this person and explain your theme. (2-3 stories)
3. Conclude by returning to your theme.
4. Explain why it is important to learn about this person.

Include good details that make this person come to life. (Sensory details are good to use in any description.)