This is the wiki version of the syllabus for English 326, Digital Culture, taught by Dr. Gideon Burton and Dr. Matt Wickman during Fall 2013. See also the companion blog, Moby Digital.

Course Description:
This section of digital culture will focus on the digital humanities. We study the current and emerging trends in technology and media as these relate to the study of literature. We employ both a theoretical and a pragmatic approach, having students use the new media and apply these to literary study. Students will use rhetorical principles to understand online communication, audiences, and the effects of forms of communication used.

  1. Moby Dick (Oxford World's Classics) Required
    by Melville, Herman
    Oxford University Press, USA; (1210831200)
    ISBN: 9780199535729
  2. Debates in the Digital Humanities by Matthew Gold
    Readings  available for free online.
  3. Digital Humanities by Anne Burdick et al.
    Readings available for free online