Teaching Philosophy

Teaching Philosophy Assignment Prompt

  • Alphabetic, Written 5%
  • Technologically Manifested 5%

You task for this project is to create a teaching philosophy that is both traditionally written as well as technologically manifested in the medium and form of your choice. The written philosophy should be no more than one page, single space. The technologically manifested teaching philosophy should be no longer than five minutes long (or should take your reader/viewer no longer than 5 minutes to get through). Both versions should provide insight into who you are as a teacher, what your beliefs are about teaching and learning, your style of classroom interaction, and your commitments in terms of assessing student learning. This project will allow you to experiment with using technologies in order to convey a message and will provide you with an opportunity to engage (as a learner) in a technological innovation process. Your end product should be a link that you can put on a professional website for future job prospects. TBA: Rubric. Due: November 30


Teaching Philosophy 2001

Technologically Manifested