AMETECH ENGINE RESTORE OIL - Engine Restorer & Lubricant - 250ml can

WHAT IS AMETECH ENGINE RESTORE? Every vehicle's engine wears out as a result of friction at the approximate rate of 1/1000 inch per 10,000 miles during normal operation. Drag Racing can wear out an engine in one run down the track. Friction causes wear of the cylinder walls which leads to compression loss. Lost compression results in your engine having less power --- it runs poorly and has sluggish acceleration. It also can cause increased oil burning, exhaust smoking, and poor fuel economy. RESTORE - Ametech Engine Restorer and Lubricant is a unique ENGINE additive that repairs those worn-out areas in the cylinder walls and bearings, thereby restoring cylinder compression and improving engine performance to nearly new original condition.


Ametech Engine RESTORE is the only product that contains the proprietary CSL remetallizing formula. This technologically advanced formulation fills in and seals micro-leaks in the cylinder walls. The result is increased engine compression and more engine power. Independent lab tests prove that Ametech Engine RESTORE really works to increase cylinder compression.



We do two can sizes - 250ml or 1 litre. The most popular engine in the UK is the small 4 cylinder (Diesel or Petrol) and so we are offering our 250 ml can which is for all 4 stroke engines up to 1000cc. Use one 250ml can per litre of engine size as an additive to the standard engine oil. A 4.2 Jag might need 4 cans of the 250ml cans or 1 of the one litre cans. If you have a DIESEL LOCOMOTIVE or CATERPILLAR BULLDOZER or BIG FISHING BOAT contact us as you probably need several litres of Restore - call us for special pricing! Makes a great gift that will save money over the next year due to improved mpg. Buy now with confidence!  

For 25 years AMETECH ENGINE RESTORE - REMETALLISING OIL has been the only product that can restore compression to internal combustion engines(even MAZDA RX-7 and NSU Ro-80 Wankel style rotary engines!). RESTORE is for all 4 cycle Diesel and Petrol engines, yes even railroad locomotives and fishing boat diesels. This proprietary metal treatment lubricant was originally developed for NASA to work in the vacuum of outer space. Now this terrestrial version RESTORES and rebuilds any 4cycle engine from the inside out, within about 500 miles, using CSL(tm) - colloidal molecular sized COPPER, SILVER and ENCAPSULATED LEAD particles (=CSL) carried in a high grade (ASTM) engine oil. These 3 metals are supposed to be in your engine but get worn away by normal friction.

RESTORE works with all petroleum based engine oils, apart from those containing plant esters like the exotic racing oils and Magnatec.  Now YOU can buy this revolutionary engine oil and improve piston ring compression and engine performance during 500 miles of normal driving. Drive HARDER, and RESTORE will work FASTER (unless your engine has a serious problem like fledgling bottom end knock in which case the engine should be treated gently, of course), and give BETTER results: e.g. RACING - THIS ONE REALLY WORKS. It is an ENGINE additive, not an oil additive. AMETECH ENGINE RESTORE works on the engine metal, not on the oil. AMETECH ENGINE RESTORE was put in a Porsche(tm) at Le Mans and the last lap was timed at the same lapsed time as the first lap. (Without RESTORE, race cars gradually get slower over time due to friction build up and increased wear and loss of compression. ENGINE RESTORE fixes this problem.) More than 120 million cans sold in the USAand Canada since 1983. This one really works. 

BUY IT NOW.  A basic engine overhaul costs over £2000.... A basic set of gaskets and o-rings for a Mazda RX-7 costs over £350.... RESTORE is under £20 for a 250ml can.

Quentin Willson, Britain's foremost motoring writer, TV presenter and Sunday Mirror columnist said "It's the only engine additive I have found to work(Sunday Mirror, 8th January 2006)

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Engine Restore – frequently asked questions

WHAT IS RESTORE AND WHY SHOULD I USE IT?  Every vehicle's engine wears out as a result of friction during normal operation. This friction causes wear of the cylinder walls which leads to compression loss.  Lost compression results in your engine having less power - it runs poorly and has sluggish acceleration.  It also can cause increased oil burning, exhaust smoking, and poor fuel economy.  RESTORE Engine Restorer and Lubricant is a unique engine additive that repairs those worn-out areas in the cylinder wall thereby restoring cylinder compression and improving engine performance to nearly new original condition. 

HOW DOES RESTORE WORK?  RESTORE is the only product that contains the proprietary CSL (copper, silver, lead micro-spheres) formula. This technologically advanced formulation has unique properties that actually fill in and seal micro-leaks in the cylinder wall. The result is increased engine compression and more engine power.

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF USING RESTORE?  By using 10% RESTORE as an initial treatment & 5% RESTORE on a regular basis at every oil change, you will keep the compression ratio of all cylinders at near original levels. You will feel the difference when you drive, your vehicle will have more power, better acceleration and it will run smoother because the compression is balanced across all cylinders. In addition, if your engine is burning oil and smoking because of blow-by and piston-slap, RESTORE will reduce and improve this situation.

IS RESTORE GOOD FOR MY ENGINE?  Yes, RESTORE is an extreme pressure lubricant in its own right, but it also reverses engine wear, providing there are no friction-reducers in the oil e.g. Slick 50, Prolong, Activ8, Motorup, STP and Wynn’s friction-reducers, PTFE, Teflon, Chlorine, Moly and the new range of plant Esters such as Magnatec, and Silkolene R racing oils which contain positively charged particles which stick to metals.  This kind of oil or additive will work against RESTORE being successful.  If you have had friction-reducers in your engine recently, it’s best to flush the engine before using RESTORE.  However, once RESTORE has worked its magic you can go back to your normal additive if you wish (see below ‘When should Restore be added to engine oil’).

IS RESTORE COMPATIBLE WITH SYNTHETIC OIL?  Yes, RESTORE may be used with any type of inexpensive mineral or synthetic motor oil such as those available on any supermarket shelf.  In other words, use plain oil with RESTORE (no friction-reducing additives). 

CAN RESTORE BE USED IN DIESEL ENGINES?  Yes, RESTORE can be used in diesel engines. 

CAN RESTORE BE USED IN VEHICLES WITH TURBOCHARGERS OR CATALYTIC CONVERTERS?  Yes, RESTORE is safe to use in vehicles with turbo-chargers or catalytic converters.

CAN RESTORE BE USED IN LAWNMOWERS AND TRACTOR ENGINES?  Yes, RESTORE can be used as long as the engines are 4 stroke engines. When adding RESTORE to small engines such as lawnmowers, add 10% RESTORE by volume when changing the oil. Be careful not to overfill the crankcase since you'll need to add less motor oil to compensate for adding RESTORE. 

CAN RESTORE BE USED IN 2 STROKE ENGINES WHERE OIL IS MIXED WITH PETROL?  No, RESTORE is not formulated for use in 2 stroke engines using a petroil mix, but it can be introduced down the spark-plug hole with the piston half-way down the bore.  (Please refer to the attached Instructions to 2 Stroke and 4 Stroke and wet clutch users).  You can also use RESTORE in 2 strokes where the oil is contained in a separate reservoir.  Most modern scooters (Piaggio, Aprilia, Yamaha, Sym etc.) have a separate oil reservoir and all you do is pour 125ml into each full tank of oil.

WHEN SHOULD RESTORE BE ADDED TO THE ENGINE OIL?  For best results, RESTORE should be added when changing the oil & filter.  For even better results, flush the engine with a mild flushing agent (automatic transmission fluid is ideal), fit a cheap oil filter to catch all the sludge and then change the oil and filter again, this time using a quality filter, the recommended oil and adding RESTORE.  To avoid overfilling, make sure to reduce the amount of oil that you would normally add by about a pint (500 ml), add RESTORE and then top up using the dipstick to get a correct oil level.  After 1000 miles or 20 hours driving RESTORE will have done its job and you can either leave it in the oil until the next oil change, or if you wish you can change the oil a third time and then add in your normal friction-reducing package.

DO I NEED TO FLUSH MY ENGINE (4 STROKE ENGINES PETROL AND DIESEL)?  For best results, yes. Engines build up sludge over time from the by-products of combustion mixed with old burnt oil. If your engine has been poorly maintained, cleaning it with a mild flushing agent (or ideally, automatic transmission fluid) will release all this sludge which will get caught in the oil filter. Change the filter before using RESTORE.  We do not recommend back-flushing using power flushing equipment.  RESTORE is not a substitute for good regular oil changes and factory recommended oil change intervals and maintenance procedures. However, RESTORE does contain a mild cleaning agent which will clean a well maintained engine before the CSL metal particles can do their job at repairing the engine. So it is possible to add RESTORE as a top up, knowing that a well maintained engine will have a minimal amount of sludge and the existing filter will be able to keep up with the sludge. If the filter gets blocked you will see a flickering oil light. Change the filter as often as needed to keep pace with the sludge until RESTORE can reverse the wear. After 1000 miles, RESTORE has re-metalized the engine and you can change the oil and filter and go back to using whatever oil package you have been doing. RESTORE has done its job. If there is a still a remaining smoke or compression problem then have your mechanic look for something broken: piston cracked, piston rings broken, burnt valves and worn guides and seals, blocked PCV (pressure control valve controls excess pressure in the crankcase) or EGR (stuck exhaust gas recycling valve will allow the engine to smoke) etc.

HOW LONG DOES RESTORE LAST?  A noticeable difference in engine performance should be experienced after 500 miles.  By the time you’ve done 1000 miles with RESTORE in the engine, the wear reversal process should be completed, but unused RESTORE particles will keep on circulating round the engine filling scratched and worn surfaces where they occur until the next oil change.  Generally speaking, the benefits last for about 12,000 miles, but this will depend on driving style and use. It is recommended to add 5% RESTORE by volume to engine oil once a year, or if you prefer at each oil change, to keep the wear under control.

HOW MUCH RESTORE SHOULD I USE?  The recommended measure is one 250 ml can of RESTORE for every litre of engine capacity, e.g.  a 1000cc engine (small car) needs 1 x 250ml can; a 2000cc engine (family saloon or Land Rover) needs 2 x 250ml cans; a 4000cc engine (large car or truck) needs 4 x 250ml cans or a one litre can.  However, after the initial application of RESTORE at this recommended level, a 5% volume of RESTORE in your engine at each oil change should be sufficient to keep your engine protected against future wear. 

CAN I USE RESTORE IN FUEL INJECTION ENGINES?  Yes, RESTORE is equally effective with a fuel injection engine.

CAN I USE RESTORE IN A MULTI-FUEL VEHICLE? Yes, RESTORE can be used beneficially in a multi-fuel engine (not 2 stroke petroil).

PLEASE NOTE as miraculous as its properties may seem, RESTORE cannot repair broken parts or fix mechanical faults. Problems such as cracked cylinder heads, extremely worn bearings, glazed bores, loosened or broken components, such as faulty timing belt tensioners, will not see any benefit from the use of RESTORE.  A cracked piston ring will eventually break whether or not you use RESTORE.  If you are buying RESTORE to repair a problematic engine please ask your mechanic for a diagnosis of the fault before you commence treatment so that your expectations for RESTORE are not unrealistic. 


Bottom end knock? Ouch!
Bottom end knock normally means a short motor or new shell bearings and maybe a new crank costing up to £3000.
If the damage is not too severe RESTORE will repair the damage for under £30 within a 100 miles of gentle driving....... read on about this unique metal treatment bringing breakthrough technology to the motoring world, and 100 : 1 savings compared to conventional repairs....... enginerestore 

YES, AMETECH RESTORE OIL CopperSilverLead (CSL) particles will repair everything metal to metal : manual gearboxes and standard differentials, hoist cylinder hydraulics, cylinders, pistons and rings, valve guides, crankshaft, main bearings, camshaft, bushings and bearings, oil pump gears and bushings, most power steering systems (P/S), and bring dimensions back to very near to original specifications.  Any questions please email us @ sales@ametech.co.uk.

CONSTRUCTION MINING and CONCRETE EQUIPMENT OWNERS: AMETECH at 5% by oil volume can repair the entire hydraulic steering and lifting system (ie stop GALLING) in a forklift or wheelloader or bulldozer ..... call for details

To:         Owners of 2 Stroke Scooter and 4 stroke bikes with wet clutch (Honda) 


 From:       Technical Department, Ametech

YES you can even use RESTORE in Honda motorbike engines, with the following instructions and precautions:


1. You can treat any engine (2stroke or 4stroke) by adding a +/- teaspoon of RESTORE into each spark plug hole (or injector hole on diesels), and gently turning the engine over until the RESTORE has worked it's way down around the rings, then replace spark plugs (or injectors) and fire it up.....this works on all engines.......this repairs scratches in the cylinder bores and so improves compression and reduces blue smoke.....and improves mpg and power.


2. You can also treat any 4stroke (petrol or diesel ) by adding RESTORE [at the rate of one 250ml RESTORE can per 1000cc of engine capacity] to the engine oil (mineral or synthetic but not vegetable racing oil like Castor R). THERE IS AN EXCEPTION: some 4stroke motorbikes (ie Hondas) have a wet clutch with engine oil running through it - in this case you can safely treat as per para.1 above, or, we have now discovered you can introduce 1/2 can of RESTORE into the engine oil just prior to an oil change and run the bike in your back yard for an couple of hours (as long as possible without annoying the neighbours) reving occasionally ALL WITHOUT OPERATING THE CLUTCH. Then drain the old oil that has the remaining RESTORE in it and of course refill with fresh correct motorbike oil. Then when you ride away there is no RESTORE left to circulate and make the clutch slip.All the RESTORE has been absorbed and adsorbed into the crank bearings, big end and small end bearings, cylinder walls and piston rings by splash.  However the engine has indeed been RESTORED so you will notice more power, less smoke and better mpg.....


3. If you have worn valve guides we recommend removing the rocker cover (also called valve cover) and pouring a few drops of RESTORE directly onto each valve stem (through the spring) and cam wear surface. An old kitchen syringe works well (don't use it for anything else afterwards of course). This normally takes care of valve problems.


4. You can treat any 2stroke that has a separate oil resevoir by pouring in 1/2 can directly into the oil resevoir and topping up with normal quality 2T oil. The RESTORE will be splashed inside the engine and repair main and crank bearings and cylinder bores and rings. The engine will become very powerful as the RESTORE is absorbed and burnished into the wear points,  and results are lower blue smoke and better mpg of course. This should be treated as a one time repair on a scooter (i.e.once a year treatment). Please note RESTORE should never be put into petrol, or 2stroke petroil mix, as it may block the carb or injectors and we certainly don't want it combusting into the atmosphere as it contains copper silver lead = CSL.....


5. You can treat a manual gearbox or conventional differential, each with a teaspoon of RESTORE and get rid of the whine (NOT automatics or limited slip diffs, please as the clutch packs will slip).

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