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1- sometimes when i am trying to download some files this message appear to me "Exceeded Bandwidth Limit"  ??

Exceeded bandwidth limit" basically refers to how much traffic your site can get during a given time. While we do have a limit set on it, we are not at liberty to disclose the amount at this time. If you exceed the bandwidth limit on your site, please know that your site will come back as soon as your site's traffic has fallen below our set amount. Please keep in mind that Google Page Creator is still in Labs and we are continuing to look for ways to improve the service and appreciate your feedback

so you must wait -max one day- and try again


 2- How can i contact you speedily ?

Just sent me a message on my mail  mohandsyasser@yahoo.com and i'll replay soon 


3- why you make this site ?

this site not aim for money , it just a personal  page which can i put on it my files and photos and my ideas about any thing .


4- can i suggest some ideas about this site ?

Yes , your ideas are welcomed . just sent to me your ideas