2011 honours list

The national final of the first Engineering Science Olympiad taked place 2011, may 11th on the site of PSA in Poissy.

The French National Education Minister, Mr Luc Chatel presented the rewards to the ten best teams. You can download the honours list in the bottom of this page. 

The honours list of the 2011 Engineering Science Olympiad is:

1. Louis Le Grand high-school, Paris with the project : "Hexapod"

Ophélia BOLMIN, Céline LAY, Fanny RISBOURG
Teachers: Christian GARREAU

2. Chaptal high-school, Saint-Brieux, region of Rennes with the project : "Drum tuner"

Clément LEMOINE, Guillaume, Maxime QUENE,
Teachers: Thanh NGUYEN, Fabrice COLAERT

3. Jules Ferry high-school, Cannes, region of Nice with the project: "Automatic door for physically-handicapped"

Teachers: Sylvain BRUAND, François RAYSSAC

4. Parc Chabrières high-school, Oullins, region of Lyon with the project: "Automatic battery solar charger  CHAPISOLO"

Pierre DUCHESNE, Maxime DUFFE, Jimmy DEPRAZ, Thomas BADOIL
Teachers: Laurent NEAU, Jean-Paul ORIOL

5. Camille Claudel high-school, Pontault Combault, region of Créteil with the project : "Easy Towing System"

Florian NDEDE EPPE, Julien MIKHEL, Olivier NAVATTE, Thomas RUFFIE, Steven SING
Teachers: Benoît JACQUET

The following teams have received a merit price for their projects:

6. L'Oiselet high-school, Bourgoin Jallieu , region of Grenoble with the project : "Obstacle detector robot"

Teachers: Gilles ARNAL, Jean-Luc CHASTEL

7. Industriel et Commercial Privé high-school, Tourcoing, region of Lille with the project: "Energetic efficiency optimization of a photovoltaic cell"

Caroline BOSMA, Roxane CREPIN, Estelle DESREUX
Teachers: Philippe CASTRO, Pascal COMPTDAER

8. Jean Favard high-school, Guéret, region of Limoges with the project: "Motorised go-cart"

Mathieu COMMEUREUC, Jonathan CAILLIEZ, Arnaud ROBIN, Matthieu LANDOS, Alban PERINE, Pierre-Olivier BAUDIN, Alberic PEYRAUBE, Nicolas SANCH, Ethan PUTT, Willy PATUREL
Teachers: Bernard WILLEMS, Nathalie CALAS-CADEVILLE

9. Amiral Pierre Bouvet high-school, Saint Benoit, region of La Réunion with the project: "Low altitude shooting"
Florian LEBEAU, Dimitri GRAVINA, Leila LAMOLY, Diana DARTY
Teachers: François CAZANOVE, Jean-Luc VALLIAMEE

10. Louis Armand high-school, Eaubonne, region of Versailles with the project: "Motorised wheeled caddie"

Rémi AUBIN, Pierre-Paul FERY, Thibaut LOISELEUR, Rédouane SOUNI, Marty, ILIEVSKI
Teachers: Benoît GALLIENNE, Julian YUSTE
Franck Blascheck,
18 May 2011, 06:58