Contest organization

Engineering Science Olympiad is a 
French national contest open to high school students in science and technology.
The 2012 edition is open to all French regions.

The presented project must be a team work. Each team is constituted by 5 high school students managed by one or two teachers.

The project will be made of experimental and pluri-technological works in Engineering Science.

The teams willing to sign up for the contest will participate in a regional final before 2012, april 21st.

The best of them will be qualified for the national final in Paris 2012, may 30th

This final is free and open to all: students, parents, teachers, researchers, engineers...

Here are the assessment criteria:
  • perfect command of the project;
  • experimental execution;
  • quality of the technological solutions;
  • model;
  • hypotheses posing;
  • innovation capacity;
  • critical spririt and initiative;
  • project approach and team work;
  • presentation quality and dynamism.
The jury is: UPSTI's members, Inspectors of the National Education Ministry (IGEN and/or IA-IPR), members of the National Education Ministry, teachers, professors, reseachers, engineers, sponsors, VIP...


The rules of the Engineering Science Olympiad, checked by the French National Education Ministry are  available here.


To register, the teams must fill in the registration form and send it to their regional correspondent before 2011, december 1st.

All the registration details are available in this section:   « Sign up for the 2012 contest».