Engineering Design, Planning, and Management

Covering engineering design methodology with an interdisciplinary approach, Engineering Design, Planning, and Management studies the different approaches to project management and creative design. Useful design techniques like concept mapping and weighted decision matrices are introduced with extensive graphics, flowcharts, and accompanying interactive templates.

Recognizing that design is a process that is most often perfo rmed in teams, project management and team dynamic topics are also covered. Methods in the book are applied to practical situations where appropriate. Concise yet full of examples, Engineering Design, Planning, and Management is a useful tool for any student of engineering interested in product design.

Key Features:

• Provides examples and applications from a variety of engineering disciplines, to fully demonstrate the design process model

• Explains development of successful design methods with fl owcharts, checklists, and other useful templates

• Focuses and fosters discussion of project management techniques

• Includes end-of-chapter exercises for personal practice

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