George Gekas kolindros pieria



I am Giorgos.

I made these pages in order to  play!

I am eleven years old. On September 11 I started the fifth class of Primary School of Kolindros. I live in Kolindros Pieria with my parents, my sister, but without my grandfather.

From today School.

I like the Geometry, football and mostly the computer (linux fedora 12), OpenOffice, chess,Visual Basic,WoW and games of strategy. 

I have travelled in Crete. There live my grandfathers. My grand mother Elephtheria, my grandfather Jordan and my uncle Savvas. I love them but they are far away.

At home, I live with my mother, which is beautiful, I had a grandfather who was very good and teld me lots of stories, also named Giorgos.

He sung beautiful songs of his ages, [rempetika] 1, popular, municipal and guerrilla 1,2,3. He was blind 93 years.  I loved him very much.

I have a good dad that takes me a lot of gifts. And I love him very much, too. 












Made by George Gkekas  

P.C.60061 Kolindros PIERIA

url: http://giorgos.webhop.net 

e-mail: gekoudi@gmail.com