Welcome Friends

Happiness and Success is something that we all aspire for. We cannot feel genuinely happy for long if we feel like a failure within. The most encouraging reality is that it is attainable by all, irrespective of who we are, what we are & where we are.

Now friends just think whats the role  of communication on your journey towards happiness? Is it not important? Or in fact very important? Yes! Of course, it is! As you live in a society, you do own lots of social responsibilities. You can't even start your journey alone, forget about completing it!

Now which medium you use to express yourselves is definitely important & many a times different at different places. To tell away in short, what are the mediums used by effective people to communicate? We can simply classify it as:-

  • Mother tongue

  • National Language

  • International Language

Yes, you heard it right! "An International Language". This is where we feel the real role of the foreign language English. Just for a moment ask yourself if you developed a product, wouldn't you feel bad if you failed to explain its working to someone who couldn't understand Hindi or even your mother tongue? In a different case what about situation of love at first sight with someone with a similar problem. Which language will have the highest chance to be mutually common. We don't think you could have any other answer other than English.

So, everything apart why this site & why are we telling this to you? Dear friends, we at English Club understand the very importance of English, especially its role in today's scenario. So, this is an effort of our club to help you make atleast one step ahead in this "funny yet important field". Here you will be finding lots of articles, poems, grammar materials & other stuffs which we hope, will definitely improve your language skills.