1.0 How to create Forms for interactive worksheets 2015: IMLF, Lilly, ELFA

2015 International Mobile Learning Festival, Hong Kong, May 
2015 Lilly Conference on Education, Bethesda, Maryland USA, May - June
2015 eLearning Forum Asia, Singapore, June

How to create interactive worksheets with Forms

Sample Interactive Worksheets
Simple forms used in several ways:
-Checking for understanding: Sample
-As lecture with slides and links: Sample
-Interactive workbooks: Sample
-Assignment guides or templates to begin/to build/to outline assignmentsSample
-Presentation Self-evaluation: Sample
-Learning reflection/E-portfolio content: Sample
-Peer feedback: Sample
-Voting for favorites: In construction 
-Learning/communication style assessments: In construction
-Group members, and class project assigned duties: In construction
-Doing/submitting research, evaluate, synthesize findings, etc.: In construction