Link to my latest scholarly publication on Three Levels of ePortfolios that describes using eportfolios at the course level, group level, and at the individual student level.

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Eight Things This Site Will Help You Achieve:

1. Get out of a creative rut, think new ideas, see new visions, discover new passions.

2. Connect with students quickly and easily.

3. Increase your acceptance.

4. Win students and colleagues to your way of thinking.

5. Increase your impact, your respect, your success record of getting things done.

6. Handle student complaints, reduce arguments, keep your student interactions smooth and pleasant.

7. Become a better teacher, a more engaging conversationalist.

8. Generate enthusiasm among your students and associates.


Over the past few years I have been focusing on the 'non customers' in my classroom. These are the students who either do not attend or who only attend because they are required but do not engage in learning. These students teach us the most about how to engage all of our students. 
In this site, I have assembled some ideas that I have used to engage my students. As with all innovations, you will want to find your own ways to apply the tools in ways that work for you. 

Back when I worked in Silicon Valley, there were many people who tested their new ideas over and over to make great things happen. Keep trying new methods and keep asking the students what they like and use.  

All the best, Warren

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