Using technology in the classroom lends itself well to a learning style called inquiry-based learning. In an inquiry-based learning environment, the teacher becomes the facilitator, rather than a lecturer.  
Shifting roles from lecturer to a facilitator in a technology-rich environment requires teachers to develop a new skill set. In a technology-based student inquiry-driven classroom, teachers facilitate peer collaboration and students develop real world skills. The technology infused classroom allows students to collaborate on assignments and even publish their work for the whole world to see if so desired!

That need-to-know moment for technology infusion has arrived with bells on, in the form of mandated technology testing. Technological literacy has become part of the NAEP (National Assessment of Educational Progress), also known as the Nation's Report Card.  The testing process will require relevant use of technology in a context that envelops academic knowledge, creative thinking, and problem solving. The NAEP directive is clear: infusion rather than inclusion.

This site is specifically designed to provide tools and resources that will help teachers infuse technology in the classroom.
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