Diamonds of the area of Seguela have roundish forms in overwhelming weight and on 60 70 are presented. Their characteristic sign is the greenish shade. More than 35 from a lump are presented by stones of a jewelry class. Their dimension is much larger, than on the area of Tortijja and makes 2 3 stones on carat. Annual extraction on the area of a deposit of Seguela 150 thousand carat, at extraction of stones of the jewelry quality, equal 60 . During operation it is taken about 5 million carat. By look ahead estimations the diamond mining enterprises of the country are provided by stocks no more than for 10 years.
The first find of diamonds in Mali is dated 1956. The stone in weight in 137,5 carats has been found out about the city of Kenieba in a scattering of Sansanto. In the course of search works one more stone in weight in 98 carat containing that has allowed to open a tube has been found out in 1958 1966 some more tubes were revealed. However any of the found bodies does not contain industrial concentration and, accordingly, stocks of diamonds.

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Diamond deposit of Seguela is generated at the expense of decomposition bodies age. The last are presented by bodies of small capacity. Industrial extraction was conducted from two veins Tubabuko and Bobbi. In the first average maintenance made 0,85 carats/m3, and in the second 4,5 carats/m3. From a vein of Tubabuko it has been taken for 20 years of operation of diamonds of 226 263 carats, and from a vein of Bobbi 100 thousand carat for 4 years. Operation of deposits of Seguela is conducted by company . In development areas veins scatterings with the maintenance of 0,3 1,9 carats/m3 are maintained also.
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