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  • (Photo book) A photographic album, or photo album, is a collection of photographs, generally in a book. Some albums have compartments which the photos may be slipped into; other albums have heavy paper with a sticky surface covered with clear plastic sheets, in which photos can be put.
  • The duration of such an agreement
  • betrothal: a mutual promise to marry
  • date: a meeting arranged in advance; "she asked how to avoid kissing at the end of a date"
  • A formal agreement to get married
  • An arrangement to do something or go somewhere at a fixed time
  • battle: a hostile meeting of opposing military forces in the course of a war; "Grant won a decisive victory in the battle of Chickamauga"; "he lost his romantic ideas about war when he got into a real engagement"
engagement photo books engagement photo books - The Art
The Art of Engagement Photography: Creative Techniques for Photographing Couples in Love
The Art of Engagement Photography: Creative Techniques for Photographing Couples in Love
This beautiful guide to engagement photography will show aspiring and professional wedding photographers how to boost their current income by offering higher-quality engagement sessions (or by adding them for the first time). Written by award-winning photographer Elizabeth Etienne, this modern guide to engagement photography offers portrait and wedding photographers a step-by-step approach to shooting in-demand engagement sessions and maximising an often-untapped revenue stream. Including 200 inspiring images and written in a fresh style, this guide offers a high-end, magazine-style approach that is coveted by brides and wedding photographers alike.

Engagement Photos
Engagement Photos
This is my first scrapbook I have made. I made this one for our niece that married in September. I gave it to her at her Wedding Shower and filled in with the wedding photos later.
Booked - Engagement Shoot
Booked - Engagement Shoot
Sharon & Daniel Engagement Shoot 2/27/11. The shoot was done all over Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. All photos shot by Meg Messina Photography.
engagement photo books
Engagement Portraiture: Master Techniques for Digital Photographers
This illustrative guide offers definitive proof that engagement photos should no longer be overlooked as a basic or included feature of a wedding package. A traditional rite of passage for engaged couples and a long-standing service provided by photography studios worldwide, engagement photo sessions allow photographers an early chance to get to know their clients prior to the event, make a memorable personal gift for brides and their families, and increase the client’s confidence in the photographer’s work. With this in mind, this reference covers every aspect of achieving success from making the first consultation a smash to delivering finished products that ensure client satisfaction. Featuring inspirational examples from professionals at the top of their field, this valuable resource offers instructions on how to design signature collages, albums, and other merchandise as add-on products to a print order and how to incentivize the purchase of these products by clients through careful product packaging. Also included are tips for marketing a couple’s portraits to their friends and family, as well as for integrating the portraits into the wedding itself by adding them to wedding announcements, save-the-date cards, ceremony programs, and much more.