Engaged Learning Requirement

To advance the mission of Loyola University Chicago to “expand knowledge in the service of humanity through learning, justice, and faith,” the university's Engaged Learning requirement (effective Fall 2012) is designed to support the mission by embedding opportunities in courses through the many different forms of experiential learning, helping students enhance their knowledge, skills, and values.

The criteria to define Engaged Learning courses are those that provide all of the following:

  • A learning experience integrated into a course that engages students in learning outside the classroom, such as in a community agency, professional organization, or in a research setting;
  • Critical reflection on that experience through various assignments in class; and
  • Synthesis of the experience through a final project or portfolio.

Engaged Learning courses may focus on service and justice (values) as well as on professional development (skills).  Any of the following types of courses may be considered to fulfill the Engaged Learning requirement:

  • Service-Learning (including international service-learning classes)
  • Academic Internships
  • Field Work
  • Undergraduate Research
  • Public Performance (in the fine/performing arts)

Detailed definitions of each of these course types can be found on the Core Curriculum website, or on the handout below.

Various Loyola departments and divisions provide support for these course types:

The Center for Experiential Learning provides comprehensive support to service-learning, academic internship, and undergraduate research courses (including those connected with LUROP fellowships).  The CEL also offers extensive resources for faculty looking to develop critical reflective elements in their experiential learning classes, including support for electronic portfolios (ePortfolios).

The Office of International Programs serves as a resource for students seeking to explore service-learning, international field work, or academic internships as part of their study abroad experience.

The various professional schools provide structure and guidance to Field Work requirements, per the certification requirements of their specific discipline/profession.

The Department of Fine and Performing Arts supports all forms of public performance in the arts.

Aug 14, 2012, 7:02 AM