Resources & Intro

Plagiarism Tutorial (select flash version and answer questions on handout)

Project Mastery Objective: As a result of our time together in the Media Center, you will be able to find, apply & cite information from credible sources in order to write a formal research paper in proper MLA format.

ONLINE DATABASES (all usernames/passwords are lenapehs1):

EBSCO Host - Complete Database List

  • Select ALL databases
  • Hit continue
  • Check off "full text" limiter
  • Search for the novel, author and a specific topic
  • Find a variety of resources, including 
    • literary criticism
    • reference books
    • periodicals

Facts on File - Bloom's Literary Reference

  • Search for a specific topic and the work 
  • Or just the title of the novel for initial results 
  • Find a variety of resources, including
    • overviews and synopses
    • analyses and criticisms
    • topics and themes

E-Books (Gale Virtual Reference Library)

  • Search for the novel
  • Find articles from literary reference books, including Literary Themes for Students, Literature and its Times, Novels for Students, among others.
  • Great source for finding information about authors
  • Search the name of your author
  • Find articles and reviews of your author's works

  • Great source for book reviews, awards & other information about books and authors
  • A great source, too, for finding book recommendations

  • Search our catalog for books in our Media Center (or ask your Media Specialists for help!)

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