3.3 Periodicals

If you need current information, periodicals are your best sources. Periodicals are publications that are published on a regular, recurring basis, e.g. daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly. In other words, periodicals refer to anything that is published at specific intervals of time.  Periodicals include newspapers, magazines, and journals.

The types of periodicals you will most likely use for a course like ENG 24 are newspapers and magazines.


Newspapers are a type of periodical generally published on a daily or weekly basis.  They are your especially useful sources for up-to-date information about people, places, or events that happened in Hawaii. 

The library currently subscribes to several print newspapers including the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, Pacific Business News, and USA-Today.  Newspapers can be found in the Current Periodicals Display area.


Magazines are a type of periodical published weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc. They provide analyses of recent events and contain more detailed discussions of topics than newspapers. 

Magazines often contain colorful photos, illustrations, and advertisements on the front cover and throughout the publication.  Magazine articles cover topics ranging from current events, politics, and popular culture and are written in language appropriate for the general reader.   

Examples of current print magazines in our collection are Time, Newsweek, Sports Illustrated, and Honolulu.

Current issues are kept at our Current Periodicals Display and are placed in protective red plastic covers.  Older issues are filed in alphabetical order by title on nearby shelving.  All periodicals are for library-use only.

Scholarly Journals

Scholarly or academic journals are a type of periodical which are most often useful for upper-level college courses.  Journals contain articles offering original, scholarly research and are written using highly-specialized technical words and language.  The audience for these journals include scholars, researchers, upper-level undergraduates, and graduate students. 

Where to find print periodicals in the library

Current issues are found in our Current Periodicals Display area (3rd floor) and are placed in protective plastic covers.  Older issues are filed in alphabetical order by title on nearby shelving.

Now you know what periodicals are and how they can best be used.  Next we will discuss some of the databases and search tools you will use to access information.