A. Requirements

note: include a deliverable list where it's visible (laulima or here)

The proofreading qualification task consists of 3 parts, described below. Interns who do not complete this task successfully must meet with the Axe on their own time for grammar boot camp and must complete a makeup assessment before the end of the internship to receive course credit for ENG 209. 

Part 1: Diagnose your Grammar/Writing Mechanics Skills 

  1. Take the Grammar/Mechanics Diagnostic Pretest (see attached). Interns who earn a perfect score on the pretest may skip parts 2 and 3 of this task!
  2. Deliverable: Go to the ENG 209 Laulima course website, then to the "Assignments" page. Once at the Assignments page, upload your completed pretest via the "Grammar/Mechanics Pretest" link.
  3. Within 48 hours, return to the "Grammar/Mechanics Pretest" link to receive your personalized Grammar/Mechanics Profile.
  4. Highlight or circle the grammar/mechanics categories in your profile where your scored four or lower.  You will work with these categories in part 2 below.
Part 2: Review & Self Assessment

  1. In your textbook and on the Task 1-B Resources page, find resources related to the grammar/mechanics categories the diagnostic pretest suggested you should review (see Part 1, Step 4 above).
  2. Study the textbook sections and complete the review quizzes related to your categories for review.
  3. Answer the following question with a "yes" or "no" for each of your review categories: Am I strong in ____ ? 
  4. Deliverable: When you feel strong in 70% of the categories identified for your review by the diagnostic pretest, send an email to the Axe, at lkuyeda@hawaii.edu, with the subject line "Grammar/Mechanics Self Survey." In your email, indicate with a "yes" or "no" which of your review categories you feel strong in. For example:
Am I strong in _____ ?
Plural Nouns - Yes
Capitalization - No
Commas and Semicolons - Yes
Verb Agreement - Yes

Part 3: Post Test

  1. Deliverable: After you've emailed me your part 2 deliverable, go to the testing center to take a grammar/mechanics posttest.
  2. Score 85% or higher on the posttest to complete this task. 

This task must be completed by XX/XX/XXXX. Interns who score XX% on the posttest will earn XX points for this task (fill in condensed scale). Interns who do not complete parts 1-3 by the deadline will receive no credit until they register for and complete mywritinglab and have had their second conference with their intern coordinator.