6.4 E-books

E-books, or electronic books, are books in a digital format.  The library subscribes to several e-book collections providing online access to over 80,000 titles.  What this means is that well over half of the library's total collection of 140,000 volumes is available via any computer with Internet access, 24 hours a day.


Our largest e-book collection is ebrary with titles covering 15 key subject areas.  The records for ebrary books are searchable in the Hawaii Voyager catalog.  A search in Hawaii Voyager will find both print AND e-books. 

The main advantage of e-books is access.  You can read an e-book immediately without having to come to the library.  Other features allow you to highlight text, take notes, and print selected pages. 

In addition ebrary e-books are downloadable to your computer or mobile device for use with Adobe Digital Editions.  The download option gives you offline access to ebrary e-books for two weeks.

Go directly to the ebrary collection by clicking E-Book Search Tools on our Online Research Tools page.  Use this method if you are interested in viewing e-book titles only. 

Sample e-book record from Hawaii Voyager

1.  The item record for an e-book is similar to a print book except you will see Electronic books under Subjects

2.  The Call Number under Holdings will be ELECTRONIC FORMAT.  Do not click this link.

3.  Instead click the link Access for LCC students, faculty and staff to open the e-book.

Other e-book collections

In addition to ebrary, the library has smaller e-book collections such as Credo Reference and EBSCOhost e-Book Collection.  Unlike ebrary titles, titles from these collections are NOT searchable in Hawaii Voyager. 

Credo Reference

Credo Reference is a online reference bookshelf including over 600 authoritative reference books available at your fingertips anytime and from anywhere.

Browse or search over 230 subject encyclopedias and 145 specialized dictionaries covering the arts, business, food, history, languages, law, literature, medicine, philosophy, psychology, religion, sciences, and social sciences.

EBSCOhost e-Book Collection

The e-book collection from EBSCOhost includes 315 titles published by the University of Hawaii Press.  Many of these titles are on topics related to Hawaii, the Pacific Islands, and Asia.

Go to E-Book Search Tools on our Online Research Tools page to access Credo Reference and EBSCOhost e-books.