7.2 CQ Researcher

The CQ Researcher database provides comprehensive and unbiased coverage of current issues and events. Each detailed report is based on a single theme or issue presented in a well-organized format with background information, balanced analysis, and useful statistics presented visually.  CQ Researcher is an ideal place to find a good, balanced, easy to understand source. 

View this short video on CQ Researcher. 


Navigating to CQ Researcher from the Leeward CC Library web site

1.  Select CQ Researcher under Research Tools.  Click here to access.

Research Tip:  CQ Researcher is always a good starting point for any research assignment but especially for your ENG 100 research paper. 

If your topic is not covered by a CQ Researcher report try our Issues & Controversies database which offers slightly different topic coverage.  Find it by going to our Online Research Tools page and scrolling down to Facts on File Databases.