Section 1: Introduction

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Welcome to the Information Literacy Program at Leeward Community College


A core mission of the Leeward Community College Library is to teach students how to find, evaluate, and use information - not just so you can complete your class assignments, but also to help you make informed decisions throughout your career and life.  As part of this mission the library has developed the Information Literacy Program for students enrolled in the ENG 100 course. 

The purpose of the tutorial is to help you to do research for English 100 and other courses. The tutorial supports an English 100 requirement that you demonstrate your knowledge of the library's resources - know how to use technology to find information, know basic sources of information and when to use them, and understand the ethical use of information and how to cite sources according to accepted standards.

Our ultimate goal is to help you acquire the skills you need to compete in a global information society that is rapidly changing. Information seeking skills are part of the critical thinking skills that will help you meet changes and challenges in your personal life and the workplace with confidence.


Step 1:  Study this tutorial
Step 2:  Take the ENG 100 Information Literacy Exam

ENG 100 Tutorial

In this tutorial you will find the following:

Read each section of this tutorial.  To navigate go to the left side bar on each screen or click the green arrows at the bottom of the page.  Each section includes additional sub-pages. 

If you have any questions about this tutorial or the Information Literacy Program please use the contact information provided or see a librarian at the Reference Desk during regular library hours.