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This page is going to be about EnExT Consultants, a New York SEO agency located in the hudson valley region of New York, 45 minutes outside of NYC. They are a quickly rising SEO company based in New York, but they service clients internationally. They specialize strictly in SEO or search engine optimization for now. Their thinking behind offering solely SEO to start was simple, they wanted to make sure they master one skill before offering another. They understand masters are the ones who make an impact in the business world. The last thing they wanted to be was a one size fits all marketing agency so they can have a wider target market, risking the quality of each service they could provide. They have said, as they expand and make a name for themselves in the industry, that they will definitely branch off to provide more value to more clients.

Search engine optimization, if you're not yet aware, is the idea of ranking websites organically on page 1 of Google. If you are a business owner then you offer some type of product or service. In the new world we live in today, with giants like Google, more and more people are searching for products or services on Google. So there is a good chance that people are searching for what you offer locally, nationally, or internationally. So the question to ask yourself is, are people finding your website when they search for what you offer. If the answer is no, then SEO might definitely be a marketing strategy for you to consider for the long term.

There are multiple ways companies grow their business on Google. One is through Google's adwords platform. It's the same concept of people searching for something in particular and you being found when they search. It's a form of pull marketing which is extremely powerful. The knock on adwords is that ad icon next to the search result turns off a lot of visitors, and they tend to skip over and pay attention to the organic results.

There are two forms of organic results, for most service based businesses, you will see something called the map pack, where Google features the top 3 company's Google My Business listings. Then the rest of the results are the company's websites. With good SEO, you can get both organic listings, the map pack listings and the other organic listings.

EnExT Consultants are quickly making a name for themselves in the industry by rising the ranks in Google for very competitive SEO search terms in big cities like NYC, Denver, Detroit, and even Sydney and Dubai areas. They make a huge effort to provide the best SEO services around. They look to provide assertive tactics with caution to protect all their clients and keep their long term success in mind. It's one thing to get to the top of the rankings quickly, but it means nothing if you get penalized and pushed out the top rankings, losing your long term exposure on Google.

If you are in the market for an SEO company and want a company you can trust for the long term, keep up with EnExT Consultants and contact them to help you get started.

EnExT Consultants
200 lafayette ave Suffern, NY 10901