El bibliotecario maestro, el profesor, otros especialistas y los estudiantes pueden enumerar aquí todos los tipos de fuentes de información que pueden ser útiles en la búsqueda de este tema en particular. Libros, bases de datos completas con consejos de búsqueda, sitios web de utilidad, multimedia, recursos en diferentes idiomas, información en diferentes niveles y niveles de interés, etc Se trata de un esfuerzo de colaboración, no sólo una lista de la biblioteca del maestro.

Ejemplo: Para una unidad de las diversas culturas del mundo, lo siguiente son las sugerencias relativas a los estudiantes:

El bibliotecario maestro, el profesor, otros especialistas y los estudiantes pueden enumerar aquí todos los tipos de fuentes de información que pueden ser útiles en la búsqueda de este tema en particular. Libros, bases de datos completas
Apps for iPads
Organización Mundial de Aduanas y la cultura
Pila de los Países
Todos los países: los países del mundo
Cover imageSeries: Spotlight on my country  (Interest level: K-3)
Cover imageSeries: Countries of the world  (Interest level: K-3)
Series: Country Explorers  (Interest level: K-3)
Series: Holidays around the world
Cover imageSeries: Celebrations in my world
Cover image  Series: Pebble plus. Life around the world
Cover image  Series: Enchantment of the world. Second series
Cover imageSeries: Cultures of the world
Cover imageSeries: Lands, peoples, and cultures series
Cover image  A calendar of festivals: Celebrations from around the world, retold by Cherry Gilchrist; illustrated by Helen Cann
Cover image  World holidays: A Watts guide for children, by Heather Moehn
Cover imageUsborne stories from around the world, by Heather Amery
Cover imageMusic around the world, by Teresa Domnauer
Cover image  A first atlas, by Sue Hook
Cover imagePeoples of the world, by Roma Trundle
Cover image for What a wonderful world  What a wonderful world, by George David Weiss and Bob Thiele
Cover image for Hats, hats, hats  Hats, Hats, Hats, by Ann Morris
Cover image for Art projects from around the w...  Art projects from around the world: grades 1-3, by Linda Evans
Cover image for Around-the-world art & activit...  Around the world art and activites: Visiting the 7 continents through craft fun, by Judy Press
Cover image for This is the way we play  Scholastic news nonfiction readers: Kids like me series (We are alike, we are different, This is the way we play, This is the way we help at home, This is the way we go to school, This is the way we eat our food, This is the way we dress)
Our multicultural world series (How are we the same and different?, We are the earth, What is culture?, and What is religion?), by Bobbie Kalman
Cover image for Families of Sweden [videorecor...  Series: Families of the World
Cover image for Holidays for children. : Rosh ...  Series: Holidays for children video series
Geography World  As you explore Geography World you will find some fascinating maps and images as you journey around the world. Once you click on the map of the world you can visit any continent and tour the countries of the world. You can also click on the globe to learn about the many different climates of the world and click on the phonograph to experience the many different types of music from around the world. There are also maps of the world for you to print and color and some geography games for you to play.
School Years Around the World  Even while you are sleeping, kids are studying hard at school somewhere in the world. Each country has its own structure for school days, school years, school grades, and vacations. Kids in Australia go to school from January to November since December is summer there. Subjects are often integrated so they include math and language in science class. In Brazil, most kids go home for lunch after being at school since 7 a.m. Kids in China have a long lunch break but often spend summer vacation studying. Find out where kids have to wear school uniforms.
Music and Sound by Maxine and Hannah  Pump up the volume and explore music from around the world. From barrels to brooms, all kinds of objects can be used as musical instruments. Maxine and Hannah investigate the difference between low and high pitch sounds. Higher sounds make more waves closer together. At the museum, they matched the notes made by tubes to tuning forks. They matched plastic and cardboard tubes to different notes on the keyboard, but had some problems with all the sound from the metal tubes.
Children Around the World Coloring Pages  Take a trip around the world with us with our "Children Around The World" colouring pages. With them we celebrate the differences and similarities of our children and enjoy the national costumes, where appropriate. We hope that in time we will have a huge collection here, which can be coloured and used for all sorts of projects, or even to create a frieze around a classroom wall. Some of the colouring pages could also be used for historical projects - although please note that we don't claim that they are absolutely accurate! 
Culture Quest World Tour  Culture is the customs, beliefs, arts and institutions of a group of people.  Parsifal has spent his entire life in Antarctica where there is no culture to speak of--just a few research stations where people eat freeze-dried spam and play checkers.  Parsifal is eager to become a world citizen through his travels with the knowledgeable Ophelia Owl. Perched on his wing, Ophelia will explain and describe the world that she has experienced through reading all the books in the Fowlerville Public Library.  Join Parsifal and Ophelia as they sample the delicious cuisines, play the games, see the museums full of arts, crafts and history, hear the folktales and learn about the holidays & festivals of many of the world's cultures.
Paper Dolls Around The World  Want to turn a love for paper dolls into a geography lesson? This paper doll features a traditional outfit from another country. Can you figure out which country she's from?