Course plan

Letter to Energy Safari class members, Fall 2011

Welcome to Fall 2011 Energy Safari at ILEAD, meeting Tuesday mornings AND afternoons. Our objective is to learn about a source of electric power and then visit such a power generation plant.

Tuesdays from September 20 to November 8 we will begin in our classroom at the Hanover Community Center at 9:30 am. First we will briefly review the prior week’s visit. Then we will discuss the principles of one type of power and preview that day’s afternoon visit. After class we will consume our personally imported brown bag lunches as we prepare to car pool to our afternoon destination.

We will be visiting industrial facilities, walking inside and outside over uneven ground and stairs. Wear sturdy shoes.

Visits may involve trips of up to two hours to a plant, two hours to visit, and two hours to return. Some days we may not return until 6 pm or so. Please park cars at the Thompson parking lot, so as not to tie up the Community Center parking all day; permits are available from the ILEAD office or possibly at the first class. We will arrange the car pools just before departure. I suggest that each passenger offer the driver $10 to offset the cost of gas. In at least one cases we will have to rent a bus or vans for $300 or more. Class members will all contribute $30 to ILEAD by check to cover such fixed expenses.

We will all be traveling to many places we have never been. All potential drivers please bring a cell phone, maps, and a GPS if you have one. My cell phone is 603 860 1924.

Internet use will be very helpful. I will communicate any last minute changes by email. Be sure your email on the class list is accurate.

We have a class blog, This letter by email, for example, is posted there so you can click on the links. Our text, David MacKay’s Sustainable Energy, without the hot air, can be read online at

Please read the assigned pages in MacKay’s book before each class, so we can raise and answer questions. In preparation, please read MacKay pp: 2-21,

Your class leaders are

Robert Hargraves,
Meredith Angwin,

Course Plan

Sept 20
Solar power,
AllEarth Renewables Solar Farm
Williston VT by car pool
Host: Andrew Savage, Director of Communications and Public Affairs

Sept 27
Wind power
Iberdrola Renewables
Lempster NH by van
Host: Edward J Cherian

Oct 4
Wood-fired power
Springfield Power LLC
Springfield NH by car pool
Host: Chuck Theall
MacKay: pp 76-80, 103-112

Oct 11
Dartmouth College
Hanover NH by Advance Transit
Host: Joseph L. Broemel
MacKay: pp 50-54, 140-154, 155-156

Oct 18
Host: Matthew Cole
Monroe NH by car pool
MacKay pp: 55-56

Oct 25
NextEra Energy Resources (FPL)
Host: Dave Barr
Seabrook NH by car pool
MacKay pp: 161-175

Nov 1
No class; depart at 8 am! for two visits:

Granite Ridge Gas Plant [10 am]
Host: Karen Beliveau
Londonderry NH by car pool

Public Service of NH, Northeast Utilities [2 pm]
Host: Richard P. Despins
Portsmouth NH by car pool
MacKay pp 157-160

Nov 8
Class, review, no trip