Perhaps, a really universal definition of the term energy could be: a potential for causing a change. This definition encompasses nearly all the present usages of the term, because energy is most often viewed as the cause for changes....... The etymology of the term is from Greek ενέργεια, εν- means "in" and έργον means "work"; the -ια suffix forms an abstract noun. The compound εν-εργεια in Epic Greek meant "divine action" or "magical operation"; it was later used by Aristotle in a meaning of "activity, operation" or "vigour", and by Diodorus Siculus for "force of an engine."

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Practical Guide to Free-Energy Devices
Patrick J. Kelly 

 The main information on this web site has been gathered together into a standard book format.   You can download the main set of information, including the patents, as an eBook, using this link Book Release 8.2.   The document contains some 1,900 pages and has a file size of about 22 Mb which means that it will take some time to download.   It is also possible to use a background download from MegaUpload.   Alternatively, you can pick individual chapters as you wish.   May I suggest that you store anything you download on your local drive as web sites do not remain in place for ever.

Chapter 1   Magnet Power: Introduction, Contents, Overview, COP, the Wang magnet motor, Bedini magnet motor, Ecklin-Brown magnetic generator, the Phi Transformer, Howard Johnson magnet motor, Carousel magnet motor, Robert Tracy magnet motor, Ben Teal electromagnetic motor, Jines magnet motor, Invention Intelligence magnet motor, Stephen Kundel's magnet motor, Charles Flynn's magnet motor, the Asymmetrical magnet motor and Lines of Magnetic Force. size 833 Kb, 22 Feb 2009 HTML 

Chapter 2   Moving Pulsed Systems: The Adams motor, Harold Aspden's modifications of the Adams motor, Teruo Kawai's motor, self-powered 800 watt generator, the Muller motor, the RotoVerter, Phil Wood's energy pick-up, Phil Wood's DC motor RotoVerter modification, the David Kousoulides energy pick-up, thyristor testing circuit and alternator design details from Prof. Kevin Sullivan. size 815 Kb, 5 Sept 2008 HTML 

Chapter 3   Motionless Pulsed Systems: Graham Gunderson's Solid-state Electric Generator, Charles Flynn's magnetic power enhancement system, Tom Bearden's Motionless Electromagnetic Generator, Dave Lawton's assymetric MEG, Valeri Ivanov's Motionless Generator, Floyd Sweet's VTA, Dan Davidson's acoustic generator, the Pavel Imris optical amplifier, Michael Ognyanov's self-powered power pack, the Meyer-Mace Isotopic Generator, the Colman/Seddon-Gilliespie generator and Hans Coler's passive device. size 202 Kb, 27 Nov 2008 HTML 

Chapter 4   Gravitational Pulsed Systems: Chas Campbell's pulsed flywheel, John Bedini's pulsed flywheel, the water-jet generator, Johann Bessler's gravity wheel, the Dale Simpson gravity wheel, the Veljko Milkovic pendulum/lever system, the Dale Simpson hinged-plate system, the Murilo Luciano gravity chain and Ivan Monk's Rotary Power Unit. size 728 Kb, 17 Jan 2009 HTML 

Chapter 5   Energy-Tapping Pulsed Systems: Frank Prentice's electrical power accumulator, Dave Lawton's cold electricity water-splitter cell, John Bedini's pulsed battery charger, the Tesla Switch, Dave Lawton's cold electricity lightbulb, Bob Boyce's TPU energy tapping circuit, Steven Mark's TPU, comments from Jack Durban on Steven's TPU, a Nikola Tesla patent, the Ed Gray power tube, Radiant Energy waves, Nikola Tesla's experiments, the Alberto Molina-Martinez generator, Alfred Hubbard's device, Joseph Cater's device, Floyd Sweet's VTA and Collapsing Field Technology generators. size 579 Kb, 18 Dec 2008 HTML 

Chapter 6   Battery-Charging Pulsed Systems: John Bedini's pulsed systems, battery information from Ronald Knight, Ron Pugh's battery charger build, a self-charging battery pulser, the fan pulse charger, the automotive pulse charger, the self-charging motor, the one-battery pulse charger and the Tesla Switch. size 535 Kb, 5 Nov 2008 HTML 

Chapter 7   Aerial Systems: Nikola Tesla's system, Thomas Henry Moray's system, Moray King's circuit suggestions, Hermann Plauston's systems, Roy Meyer's device and Raymond Phillips' RF to DC aerial system. size 189 Kb, 6 Mar 2009 HTML 

Chapter 8   Fuel-less Engines: The energy in air, Bob Teal's compressed air engine, Scott Robertson's thoughts on putting low-pressure air into a tank of high-pressure air, the Leroy Rogers compressed-air vehicle engine adaption, the Vortex Tube, the Eber Van Valkinberg compressed fluids engine, the Clem engine, Vortex analysis by Prof. Evert, the Josef Papp engine, the Robert Britt engine, the Michael Eskeli turbines and the water-jet generator. size 1.5 Mb, 4 Nov 2008 HTML 

Chapter 9   Passive Systems: Hans Coler's device, Thomas Trawoeger's pyramid, Karel Drbal's pyramid, James Brock's pyramids, Verne Cameron's pyramid transmission technique, the Pancake coil, Peter Grandic's patent, the Joe Cell, Bill Williams' design and recent analytical advances. size 584 Kb, 4 June 2008 HTML 

Chapter 10   Vehicle Systems: The HydroStar and HydroGen designs, running an engine on water alone, Hydroxy Boosters, the Smack's Booster design plans, electrolyser design, the Hotsabi Booster construction plans, the 7-cell Isolated Cell booster design, the Series Cell design, Pulse Width Modulation current control, controlling heating, The DuPlex booster, dealing with the oxygen sensor, the Zach West electrolyser design, electrolyser principles, Bob Boyce's high-efficiency electrolyser system, how to wind Bob's toroid, running with high voltage, water-level sensors, water supply systems, connecting to the engine, safety devices, timing details, diesel engines, dealing with 'waste' sparks, measuring gas output rates, operating from the mains, Bob Boyce's experiences, Dave Lawton's replication of Stan Meyer's Water Fuel Cell water-splitter, Dave Lawton's circuits and construction details, pipe-tuning details, Dr Cramton's low-power water-splitting, Tad Johnson's ultra low-power water splitting, Stan Meyer's water injection system, mpg improvement through cam timing, the Firestorm spark plug, Ted Ewert's Vortex Turbine, Water Vapour Injection systems, the Ram Implosion Wing, Fuelsavers, high mpg carburettors, Vortex fuel reformers, water as a fuel and the weird nature of water. size 2.6 Mb, 6 Mar 2009 HTML 

Chapter 11  Other Devices: Nikola Tesla's power from air system, Dr. Harold Apsden's Electrical Power Generating Apparatus patent, Our Energy Future, Paulo and Alexandra Correa's conversion of Longitudinal Electromagnetic Waves to ordinary electricity, Prof. Constantin Meyl's scalar wave information, Nikola Tesla's MHD device, the effects of the Zero-Point Energy field, John R. R, Searle's self-powered garvitational device, construction details for Dave Lawton's gravity wave detector, the Butch Lafonte motor/generator, the Joseph Newman motor, the differences between Maxwell and Heaviside, Daniel Cook's electrical generator and Michael Eskeli's work-free heater design. size 762 Kb, 5 Nov 2008 HTML 

Chapter 12   Electronics Tutorial: Simple descriptions of Voltage, resistors, capacitors, current flow, multimeters, transistor circuits, sensor systems, relays, diodes, transistor testing circuits, Power Supply Units, AC, DC, rectification, the SCR, the triac, the opto-isolator, LEDs, chokes, transformers, the Schmitt Trigger, solenoids, RF detection, coil impedance, the diode bridge, multivibrators, inverters, truth tables, the 7414 chip, NAND gates, latches, bistables, gating, the 4093 chip, prototype construction, the 4011, the Darlington pair, using a gate as an amplifier, the 555 chip, the 741 chip, op-amps and comparators, the 4022 chip, laying out a circuit, test equipment and how to build it, and 'the weird stuff'. size 483 Kb, 1 Nov 2008 HTML 

Chapter 13   Doubtful Devices: Paul Baumann's Thestatika, Michael Faraday's Homopolar Generator (or the N-Machine), the Romag and Mini-Romag, Cold Fusion, Moller's Atomic Hydrogen Generator, Muammer Yildiz's 'Ocean Star' electrical generator, Jesse McQueen's 'Internal Energy-generating Power Source', the 'D18' Nitro Cell, the HydroStar and HydroGen systems, Hydrogen from Aluminium, Francois Cornish's system and Ultrasonic Water-splitting. size 657 Kb, 17 Jan 2009HTML 

Chapter 14   Renewable-Energy Devices: Efficient solid-fuel burners, Stan Meyer's hydroxy gas burner system, the Eugene Frenette heater, the Eugene Perkins heater, the multi-disc heater, the Peter Davey heater, the simple home-build windmill design from Dan Bartmann and Dan Fink, Frank Herbert's high-efficiency windmill, the 'Power Plant for Caravans' from Claude Mead and William Holmes, the easy-build Solar Funnel cooker, water and milk pasteurisation, the Solar Funnel as a Cooler, the Solar Puddle, the 'Easy-Lid Cooker', drinking water systems, solar sills, Elmer Grimes' high-volume drinking water from air, the Chalice Courneya water from air system, Toribio Bellocq's well-pumping system, Richard Dickinson's well-pumping system, Arthur Bentley's well-pumping system, the self-powered Ram Pump, wave power systems, solar icemaking and Einstein's refrigeration through heating. size 1.3 Mb, 29 Oct 2008 HTML 

Chapter 15   The Time Available: The time limits set by coming world events. size 550 Kb, 4 Feb 2009 HTML 

Alphabetical Index of Devices
Acoustic Electrical Generator, Dan Davidson Chapter 3. show
Acoustic water pumps: Bellocq, Dickinson and Benson Chapter 14 show
Aerial system, Frank Prentice Chapter 5. show
Aerial system, Hermann Plauston Chapter 7. show
Aerial system, Nikola Tesla Chapter 7. show
Aerial system, Roy Meyers Chapter 7. show
Aerial system, Thomas Henry Moray Chapter 7. show
Air Vortex Turbine, Ted Ewert Chapter 10 show
Alternator Design, Prof. Kevin Sullivan Chapter 2. show
Aspden Efect, Harold Aspden Chapter 5. show
Assymettrical Motionless Generator, Dave Lawton Chapter 3. show
Atomic Hydrogen generator, William Lyne Chapter 13 show
Automotive Relay battery pulser, Imhotep Chapter 6 show
Battery-pulser, John Bedini Chapter 5. show
Battery-pulser, John Bedini Chapter 6. show
Battery-pulser, Ron Pugh Chapter 6. show
Battery technology, Ronald Knight Chapter 6. show
Bi-filar Coil, Nikola Tesla Chapter 5. show
Boosters, Various Chapter 10. show
Britt Engine, Robert Britt Chapter 8 show
Capacitor Battery Pulser, Ron Cole Chapter 6 show
Caravan Power System, Claude Mead and William Holmes Chapter 14. show
Car relay pulse charger, Imhotep Chapter 6 show
Clem engine, Richard Clem Chapter 8. show
Cold electricity capture, Dave Lawton Chapter 5. show
Cold electricity capture, Dave Lawton Chapter 10. show
Compressed-air engine, Bob Neal Chapter 8. show
Compressed-air engine, Leroy Rogers Chapter 8. show
Compressed-air tank, Scott Robertson Chapter 8. show
Compressed-air/oil engine, Eber Van Valkenburg Chapter 8. show
Davey water heater, Peter Davey Chapter 14. show
Drinking Water Systems Chapter 14. show
Electrical energy from air, Nikola Tesla Chapter 11. show
Electrical free-energy generation, Harold Aspden Chapter 11. show
Electrical generator, Alfred Hubbard Chapter 5. show
Electrical generator, Joseph Cater Chapter 5. show
Electrical generator, Alberto Molina-Martinez Chapter 5. show
Electrical generator, Ecklin-Brown Chapter 1. show
Electrical generator, Ecklin-Brown Chapter 2. show
Electrical generator, Graham Gunderson Chapter 3. show
Electrical generator, Meyer-Mace Chapter 3. show
Electrical generator, self-powered Chapter 2. show
Electrical generator coil, Stephen Mark Chapter 5. show
Electrical power pack, Michael Ognyanov Chapter 3. show
Electric motor, Ben Teal Chapter 1. show
Electric motor, Ben Teal Chapter 4. show
Electrical motor, Bill Muller, Chapter 2. show
Electrical motor, Edwin Gray Chapter 5. show
Electric motor, Robert Adams Chapter 2. show
Electric motor, Teruo Kawai Chapter 2. show
Electrolyser, Bob Boyce Chapter 5. show
Electrolyser, Bob Boyce Chapter 10. show
Electrolyser, Zach West Chapter 10. show
Fan Battery Pulser, Imhotep Chapter 6 show
FireStorm spark plug, Robert Krupa Chapter 10. show
Francois Cornish hydrogen generator Chapter 13 show
Free-energy device, Karl Schappeller Chapter 11 show
Fuelsavers Chapter 10. show
GEET fuel re-former system, Chapter 10. show
Gravity-chain device, Murilo Luciano Chapter 4. show
Gravity-tapping generator, Chas Campbell Chapter 4. show
Gravity Wave Detector, Dave Lawton Chapter 11. show
Gravity wheel, Dale Simpson Chapter 4. show
Heater, Fuel-less, Michael Eskeli, Chapter 11. show
Heaters Chapter 14. show
High-mileage carburettors Chapter 10. show
Hinged-plate gravity device, Dale Simpson Chapter 4. show
Homopolar generator, Michael Faraday Chapter 13. show
Hotsabi booster, "Hotsabi", Chapter 10. show
Hydrogen from Aluminium Chapter 13. show
HydroStar and HydroGen devices Chapter 13. show
Induction Coil generator, Daniel Cook Chapter 11. show
Inert-gas engine, Josef Papp Chapter 8. show
Inert-gas engine, Robert Britt Chapter 8. show
Inverter system, Jesse McQueen Chapter 13. show
Joe Cell, Joe Nobel Chapter 9. show
Joseph Newman Motor, Joseph Newman Chapter 11. show
Lead-out energy, Lawrence Tseung Chapter 4. show
Long-life battery, Colman / Seddon-gillespie Chapter 3. show
Magnet motor-generator, permanent 5kW Chapter 1. show
Magnet motor, Bedini Chapter 1. show
Magnet motor, Carousel Chapter 1. show
Magnet motor, Charles Flynn Chapter 1. show
Magnet motor, Howard Johnson Chapter 1. show
Magnet motor, Invention Intelligence (India) Chapter 1. show
Magnet motor, John Jines Chapter 1. show
Magnet motor, Robert Tracy Chapter 1. show
Magnet motor, Stephen Kundel Chapter 1. show
Magnetic flux, Charles Flynn Chapter 3. show
Magnetohydrodynamic drive, Nikola Tesla Chapter 11. show
MEG, Tom Beardon et al. Chapter 3. show
Motionless generator, Valeri Ivanov. Chapter 3. show
Motor-generator, Butch Lafonte Chapter 11. show
MPG improving devices, Stan Meyer Chapter 10 show
N-machine generator, Michael Faraday Chapter 13 show
Neal Compressed-air Engine, Bob Neal Chapter 8 show
Nitro Cell Chapter 13. show
Ocean-Star generator, Muammer Yaldiz Chapter 13. show
Optical Amplifier, Pavel Imris Chapter 3. show
Oxygen sensor information Chapter 10. show
Pancake Coil, Nikola Tesla Chapter 5. show
Pendulum/lever device, Veljko Milkovic Chapter 4. show
Phi Transformer, electrical generator Chapter 1 show
Power System for Caravans, Mead and Holmes Chapter 14 show
Power tube, Edwin Gray (Marvin Cole) Chapter 5 show
Pulsed DC Motor, Ted Ewert Chapter 4 show
Pulsed flywheel generator, Chas Campbell Chapter 4. show
Pulsed flywheel generator, John Bedini Chapter 4. show
Pulsed flywheel generator, Jim Watson Chapter 4. show
Pulsed generator, Joseph Newman Chapter 4. show
Pyramid, James Brock Chapter 9. show
Pyramid, Paulo and Alexandra Correa Chapter 11. show
Pyramid, Peter Grandics Chapter 9. show
Pyramid, Thomas Trawoeger Chapter 9. show
Radium power generation, Nikola Tesla Chapter 11. show
Ram Implosion Wing, Robert Patterson Chapter 10. show
Ram Pump, (fuel-less) Chapter 14 show
Refrigeration through heating, Albert Einstein Chapter 14 show
Romag generator, Magnetic Energy Chapter 13. show
RotoVerter, Hector Torres, Chapter 2. show
RotoVerter, Phil Wood, Chapter 2. show
RotoVerter, Extra energy collection (DK), Chapter 2. show
RotoVerter, Extra energy collection (PW), Chapter 2. show
Searle Effect Device, John R. R. Searle Chapter 11. show
Smack's Booster, Eletrik Chapter 10. show
Solar ovens, BYU Chapter 14. show
Solar Stills for Drinking Water Chapter 14. show
Squires electrical generator design Chapter 1. show
Stromerzeuger, Hans Coler Chapter 3. show
Stromerzeuger, Hans Coler Chapter 9. show
Tesla Coil, Nikola Tesla Chapter 5. show
Tesla Coil, Correas Chapter 11. show
Tesla Switch, Nikola Tesla Chapter 5. show
Testatika, Paul Baumann Chapter 13. show
Thyristor Tester, circuit, Chapter 2. show
Turbine, Michael Eskeli, Chapter 8. show
Ultrasonic hydrogen generator Chapter 13. show
Vortex fuel re-former (GEET), Chapter 10. show
Vortex tube, Chapter 8. show
VTA, Floyd Sweet Chapter 3. show
VTA, Floyd Sweet Chapter 5. show
Waste spark handling Chapter 10 show
Water Fuel Cell, Dave Lawton Chapter 5 show
Water Fuel Cell, Dave Lawton Chapter 10 show
Water Fuel Cell, Tad Johnson Chapter 10 show
Water From the Air, Calice Courneya Chapter 14. show
Water From the Air, Elmer Grimes Chapter 14. show
Water Heater, Peter Davey Chapter 14. show
Water Acoustic Pump, Toribio Bellocq Chapter 14. show
Water Acoustic Pump, Richard Dickinson Chapter 14. show
Water Acoustic Pump, Arthur Bentley Chapter 14. show
Water vapour injection systems Chapter 10. show
Water injection systems, Stan Meyer Chapter 10. show
Wind generator, Dan Bartmann and Dan Fink Chapter 14. show
Wind generator, Frank Herbert Chapter 14. show

Alphabetical Index of People
Adams, Robert Chapter 2. show
Adams, Robert Appendix page A - 148
Aguero, Juan Appendix page A - 823
Alexander, Robert Appendix page A - 228
An, Jon Sok Appendix page A - 87
Andruczyk, David Chapter 10. show
Aspden, Harold Chapter 2. show
Aspden, Harold Chapter 5. show
Aspden, Harold Chapter 11. show
Aspden, Harold Appendix page A - 148
Barbat, William Appendix page A - 164
Bartmann, Dan Chapter 14. show
Baumann, Paul Chapter 13. show
Bearden, Tom Chapter 3. show
Bearden, Tom Appendix page A - 411
Bedini, John Chapter 1. show
Bedini, John Chapter 4. show
Bedini, John Chapter 5. show
Bedini, John Chapter 6. show
Bedini, John Appendix page A - 434
Bedini, John Appendix page A - 445
Bedini, John Appendix page A - 456
Bellocq, Toribio Chapter 14. show
Bentley, Arthur Chapter 14. show
Blue, Archie Appendix page A - 748
Boyce, Bob Chapter 1. show
Boyce, Bob Chapter 5. show
Brinkley, William Chapter 13. show
Britt, Robert Chapter 8. show
Brock, James Chapter 9. show
Brody, Philip Appendix page A - 298
Campbell, Chas Chapter 4. show
Cater, Joseph Chapter 5 show
Chambers, Stephen Appendix page A - 725
Chang, Chak Appendix page A - 764
Clem, Richard Chapter 8. show
Coe, Graham Chapter 9. show
Cole, Marvin Chapter 5 show
Cole, Ron Chapter 6 show
Coler, Hans Chapter 3. show
Coler, Hans Chapter 9. show
Colman, Harold Chapter 3. show
Colman, Harold Appendix page A - 83
Cook, Daniel Chapter 11. show
Cook, Nick Chapter 5. show
Cornish, Francois Chapter 13. show
Correa, Paulo and Alexandra Chapter 11. show
Correa, Paulo and Alexandra Appendix page A - 561
Courneya, Calice Chapter 14. show
Davey, Peter Chapter 14. show
Davidson, Dan Chapter 3. show
Davidson, Dan Appendix page A - 427
Davson, Cryil Chapter 11 show
Dickinson, Richard Chapter 14. show
Drbal, Karel Chapter 9. show
Eagle Research Chapter 10, p 10 - 148. show
Eccles, Christopher Appendix page A - 857
Ecklin, John W. Chapter 1. show
Einstein, Albert Chapter 14 show
Electrodyne Corporation Chapter 5. show
Eskeli, Micahel Chapter 8. show
Eskeli, Micahel Chapter 11. show
Evert, Prof. Alfred Chapter 8 show
EVGRAY, Yahoo forum. Chapter 2. show
Ewert, Ted Chapter 6 show
Ewert, Ted Chapter 10 show
Ewing, Harold. Chapter 1. show
Ewing, Harold Appendix page A - 56
Faraday, Michael Chapter 5. show
Faraday, Michael Chapter 13. show
Fecera, Frank Appendix page A- 2
Fink, Dan Chapter 14. show
Flynn, Charles Chapter 1. show
Flynn, Charles Chapter 3. show
Flynn, Charles Appendix page A - 338
Flynn, Charles Appendix page A - 988
Garrett, Charles Appendix page A - 740
Grandics Peter Chapter 9 show
Gray, Edwin Chapter 5. show
Gray, Edwin Appendix page A - 119
Gray, Edwin Appendix page A - 142
Grimes, Elmer Chapter 14. show
Gunderson, Graham Chapter 3. show
Hasebe, Shigeta Chapter 10. show
Hasebe, Shigeta Appendix page A - 719
Hayasaka, Shigeaki Appendix page A - 236
Hayes, James Chapter 3 show
Heath, Brian Chapter 6 show
Henry, Dr Joseph Chapter 5. show
Herbert, Frank Chapter 14. show
Hodowanec, Gregory Chapter 11. show
Holdgate, Ed Chapter 10. show
Holmes, William Chapter 14. show
Holmes, William Appendix page A - 1021
Horvath, Stephen Appendix page A - 830
Hubbard, Alfred Chapter 5. show
Hydrogen Garage Chapter 10. show
Imhotep Chapter 6 show
Imhotep Chapter 6 show
Imris, Pavel Chapter 3. show
Imris, Pavel Appendix page A - 74
Invention Intelligence (India) Chapter 1 show
Ivanov, Valeri Chapter 3. show
Jamison, Larry Appendix page A - 252
Jines, John Chapter 1. show
Johnson, Howard Chapter 1. show
Johnson, Howard Appendix page A – 46
Johnson, Tad Chapter 10 show
Kawai, Teruo Chapter 2. show
Kawai, Teruo Appendix page A - 259
Kenny, James Chapter 3. show
King, Moray B. Chapter 7. show
Knight, Ronald Chapter 6. show
Kousoulides, David Chapter 2. show
Krupa, Robert Chapter 10. show
Kundel, Stephen Chapter 1. show
Lafonte, Butch Chapter 11. show
Lawton, Dave Chapter 3. show
Lawton, Dave Chapter 5. show
Lawton, Dave Chapter 10. show
Lawton, Dave Chapter 11. show
Lindemann, Peter Chapter 5. show
Luciano, Murilo Chapter 4. show
Lyne, William Chapter 13. show
Mace, Yves Chapter 3. show
Mark, Steven Chapter 5. show
Martinez, Molina Appendix page A - 100
Marvin Cole Chapter 5 show
Maynard, Roger Chapter 10. show
Mazenauer, Hans Chapter 8 show
McQueen, Jesse Chapter 13. show
Mead, Claude Chapter 14. show
Mead, Claude Appendix page A - 1021
Mead, Franklin Appendix page A - 603
Meyer, Michael Chapter 3. show
Meyer, Stanley Chapter 10. show
Meyer, Stanley Appendix page A - 620
Meyer, Stanley Appendix page A - 627
Meyer, Stanley Appendix page A - 637
Meyer, Stanley Appendix page A - 642
Meyer, Stanley Appendix page A - 659
Meyer, Stanley Appendix page A - 670
Meyer, Stanley Appendix page A - 680
Meyers, Roy Chapter 7. show
Meyers, Roy Appendix page A - 524
Milkovic, Veljko Chapter 4. show
Molina-Martinez, Alberto Chapter 5. show
Moller, Nikolas Chapter 13. show
Moore, Kenneth Chapter 3. show
Moore, Dr. Terry Chapter 11. show
Moray, Thomas Henry Chapter 5. show
Moray, Thomas Henry Chapter 7. show
Muller, Bill Chapter 2. show
Nachamkin, Jack Appendix page A - 603
Naudin, Jean-Louis Chapter 13. show
Neal, Bob Chapter 8. show
Nelson, Carl Appendix page A - 470
Newberry, Ivor Appendix page A - 940
Newman, Joseph Chapter 4. show
Newman, Joseph Chapter 11. show
Newman, Joseph Appendix page A - 280
Nobel, Joe Chapter 9. show
Ogle, Thomas Appendix page A - 955
Ognyanov, Michael Chapter 3. show
Ognyanov, Michael Appendix page A - 113
Paine, Henry Appendix page A - 901
Papp, Josef Chapter 8. show
Patrick, Stephen Chapter 3. show
Patterson, Robert Chapter 10. show
Plauston, Hermann Chapter 7. show
Plauston, Hermann Appendix page A - 485
Pogue, Charles Appendix page A - 919
Pogue, Charles Appendix page A - 927
Pogue, Charles Appendix page A - 932
Prentice, Frank Chapter 5. show
Pugh, Ron Chapter 6 show
Puharich, Henry Appendix page A - 689
Reardon, John Appendix page A - 196
Robertson, Scott Chapter 8. show
Rogers, Leroy Chapter 8. show
Santilli, Ruggero Appendix page A - 754
Schappeller, Karl Chapter 11 show
Schwartz, Harold Appendix page A - 949
Searle, John R. R. Chapter 11. show
Seddon-Gillespie, Ronald Chapter 3. show
Seddon-Gillespie, Ronald Appendix page A - 83
Shelton, Robert Appendix page A - 945
Simpson, Dale p 4 - 9, Chapter 4. show
Spence, Geoffrey Appendix page A - 213
Spiros, Spiro Appendix page A - 864
Squires, Dave Chapter 1. show
Stevens. Peter Chapter 9. show
Sullivan, Prof. Kevin Chapter 2. show
Sweet, Floyd Chapter 3. show
Sweet, Floyd Chapter 5. show
Szilard, Leo Chapter 14 show
Teal, Ben Chapter 1. show
Teal, Ben Chapter 4. show
Tesla, Nikola Chapter 5. show
Tesla, Nikola Chapter 7. show
Tesla, Nikola Chapter 11. show
Thomson, Elihu Chapter 5. show
Torres, Hector Chapter 2. show
Tracy, Robert Chapter 1. show
Trawoeger, Thomas Chapter 9. show
Tseung, Lawrence Chapter 4. show
Tucker, Oliver Appendix page A - 952
Van Valkenburg, Eber Chapter 8. show
Vassilatos, Gerry Chapter 5. show
Volfson, Boris Appendix page A - 904
Wang, Shenhe Chapter 1. show
Watson, Jim Chapter 4. show
Weir, Richard Appendix page A - 470
West, Zach Chapter 10. show
Wiseman,. George Chapter 10. show
Wood, Phil Chapter 2. show
Yaldiz, Muammer Chapter 13. show
Zorzi, Kim Chapter 8. show