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(IDF editor is used to create E+ input files with the extension .IDF) 

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11 Location
12 Design Day
13 Material Regular
14 Construction
15 Zone
16 Surface Geometry
17 Surface Heat Transfer
18 Schedule Type
19 Schedule Compact
20 Controlled Zone Equip Config
21 Zone Equipment List
22 Purchased Air
23 Zone Control Thermostatic
24 Dual Setpoint with Deadband
25 Report Variable
26 Report Meter
27 Report
28 Start EP launch
29 Select the IDF file
30 During Simulation Run
31 Run Status
32 Click DXF
33 Drawing in VoloView
34 Click Orbit button
35 3D view of the Drawing
36 Output data in Excel

Click: Start > All programmes > EnergyPlus V2-0 Programms >IDFEditor

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About IDF Editor

For users who want a simple way of creating or editing EnergyPlus input data files (IDF), IDF Editor provides this service. Any EnergyPlus object may be viewed and edited using a spreadsheet-like grid. For inputs with several options, a list is provided. When a numeric input has a range of valid values, those values are displayed. It also automatically provides a list of object names when an object needs to be linked to another. By displaying all objects of the same kind next to each other in a grid, it is easy to see how inputs are different across the building. The IDF Editor outputs an EnergyPlus input file with proper syntax and comments to help the user understand the input values. In addition, the IDF Editor converts standard inch-pound units into SI units compatible with EnergyPlus.

The IDF Editor does not check inputs for validity, although some numeric fields are highlighted if out of range. 

Some info on IDF editor.

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