1 Home
  2 Objective
  3 Installation
  4 The problem
  5 Problem - Details
  6 Start IDF editor
  7 Add Version
  8 Building Object
  9 Time Step
10 Run Control
11 Location
12 Design Day
13 Material Regular
14 Construction
15 Zone
16 Surface Geometry
17 Surface Heat Transfer
18 Schedule Type
19 Schedule Compact
20 Controlled Zone Equip Config
21 Zone Equipment List
22 Purchased Air
23 Zone Control Thermostatic
24 Dual Setpoint with Deadband
25 Report Variable
26 Report Meter
27 Report
28 Start EP launch
29 Select the IDF file
30 During Simulation Run
31 Run Status
32 Click DXF
33 Drawing in VoloView
34 Click Orbit button
35 3D view of the Drawing
36 Output data in Excel

The objective of this tutorial is to introduce EnergyPlus to architects and engineers who are familiar with the basic concepts of energy simulation and HVAC systems. The user of this tutorial will learn how to model a small room in EnergyPlus, how to run the simulation and how to read the output files. The user will be able to read the heating and cooling energy consumption of this room. He/She can than experiment with size, orientation, material properties, location etc of the room and see their effect on the heating and cooling energy consumption.

The tutorial uses a simple building example to explain the basics of how to use EnergyPlus, give input and read the output of EnergyPlus. The emphasis is on a very simple model without any HVAC plant. The user will learn how to enter the material, construction and geometry of a simple building.

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