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36 Output data in Excel

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Now we start with a new group - Location – Climate – Weather File Access. This group of objects (Location, RunPeriod, DesignDay, GroundTemperatures, SpecialDayPeriod, DaylightSavingPeriod) describes the ambient conditions for the simulation.

Here will be enter a new object - Location

Some information from the Input Output Reference:


The location class describes the parameters for the building’s location. Only one location is allowed. Weather data file location, if it exists, will override any location data in the IDF. Thus, for an annual simulation, a Location does not need to be entered.

Field: LocationName
This alpha field is used as an identifying field in output reports.

Field: Latitude
This field represents the latitude (in degrees) of the facility. By convention, North Latitude is represented as positive; South Latitude as negative. Minutes should be represented in decimal fractions of 60. (15’ is 15/60 or .25)

Field: Longitude
This field represents the longitude (in degrees) of the facility. By convention, East Longitude is represented as positive; West Longitude as negative. Minutes should be represented in decimal fractions of 60. (15’ is 15/60 or .25)

Field: TimeZone
This field represents the time zone of the facility (relative to Greenwich Mean Time or the 0th meridian). Time zones west of GMT (e.g. North America) are represented as negative; east of GMT as positive. Non-whole hours can be represented in decimal (e.g. 6:30 is 6.5).

Field: Elevation
This field represents the elevation of the facility in meters (relative to sea level). 

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