Healing for Crisis Illness~
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Holistic Integration provides healing for:

It is not unusual for anyone suffering with a life threatening and debilitating diagnosis to feel as a victim in the event of losing control in their bodies, thus their individual participation in the core of thier existance. CE provides a spacious experience that allows choice to present itself. It is a still place within where navigation is a personal call as to what to feel, what to take awareness to. Self empowerment can be healing in itself, where one can participate in a personal journey. By exploring the inner realms of surrender, one can 'let go' and feel the release of weightlessness. To know the sensation of 'feeling lighter in my body' and the freedom that this offers, illicits familiarity to a vast space where positive outcome is accessible.
"As a healthy 43 year old my life was rocked with my diagnosis of Stage 2 breast cancer. With much to live for I prepared for what I sensed might be the toughest fight of my life. Shortly into the medical treatments, that bombarded my body for 8 months with chemotherapy and radiation, I realized I desperately needed additional assistance to buoy my overall well-being. Through guided imagery and body work Renny provided me with the vital energy, sense of empowerment and peace that was integral to healing my weary, guarded, vulnerable body and soul. Now 10 years later, in my full and active life, I continue to draw on the lessons I learned through Renny. I am forever grateful to her extensive wisdom and selfless devotion that brought me back to live a new and more meaningful life."   Nancy L., Connecticut