About Renny Sherrow

Renny Sherrow has been a Somatic Practitioner for nearly thirty years -- leading the way as the first in her field to introduce Massage Therapy as a healing modality in S.W. Pennsylvania. Her pioneering spirit synthesized Cellular Expansion, Movement Therapy, Guided Imagery and Spiritual Coaching and Soul Whispering TM as the foundation of her private practice, Holistic Integration LLC (c).
Renny has an M.A. in Energy Medicine as well as an educational background in Nursing, Communications and Theology. She is Certified as a Rosen Method Movement Therapist, and has years of practicum experience in Continuum with Emilie Conrad and Gabriel Roth (the 5 Rhythms). A graduate of Vanati, where her years of advanced evolutionary consciousness studies undergirds her healing as a Practitioner and Distance Healer. Further exploration with DaBen and Orin expanded her mastery of navigation with subtle energies and the implementation of Energy Medicine. As a student of Carolyn Myss, PhD., and C. Norman Shealy, M.D.,PhD.,Renny offers a scientific base to her teachings on Soul Evolution.
A thought leader in compassionate caregiving, Renny is a frequent presenter on how to consciously create Healthy Energetic Boundaries for healers, caregivers, therapists, empathic and sensitive people. Her commitment is to support all who explore healing through the wisdom of the body. Her belief is that by exploring consciousness and surrendering to inner wisdom, spiritual growth happens with grace and ease.  

To engage in your Cellular Expansion Healing experience
you can reach Renny at:
(724) 331-6616

Personal services are provided in:

                                                                                        D.C. Metro Region
Tri-State Area (PA, OH, WV)
Mid-West (Chicagoland)
Remote sessions are offered.