"Joyce used Reiki on my pony, Freckles, after his 'required surgery.'  Between the antibiotics perscribed by the vet and the Reiki done by Joyce, Freckles didn't even realize anything was missing!'  And, since then I have had Reiki myself when I injured my back, and even after the first session I
was feeling much better! "
Thank You Joyce!
Sarah and Freckles


"Joyce Strezo is an amazing, talented Reiki master.  Her ability to channel the energy is very powerful.  She has helped manage the stress around the separation from my husband bringing ease and forgiveness to the situation and me.  Her choice of flower essences for me were exceedingly helpful with the transition.  Her intuition is right on and a gift for everyone.  Joyce is a loving and giving soul, gentle and caring, generous and her results are astounding.  I have watched as she brought her dog, Scooby the love and healing he needed to mend a severely broken leg.  Good as new, now!  I have watched her bloom over the past three years and know she will continue to learn, practice and share with us all."
 With Blessings, Maggie.  
 "I am so glad that I stopped by your booth at the Bourbonnais Dog Day event last summer. After talking with you and letting you observe Lucy, I ordered the "Neediness and “Anxiety” blends for Lucy. I usually put a drop or two on the inside of her ear flap and also some by mouth with the dropper. I can definitely see a difference in her behavior after awhile – definitely less stressed and almost calm! I even use it at home if we have company and she gets agitated. And, my company has noticed the difference in her behavior."
Sincerely, Patty
"Pumpkin hurt her leg jumping a fence. After a session of Reiki with Joyce she was well on her way to being able to chase the squirrels."

Pumpkin and Joyce
"Sabey came home after a year lease.  A proven show pony, he was just off, not lame, just not moving like his old champion self.  Joyce worked with Sabey on communicating with him as to what was wrong.   She told me his circle of energy was broken.  Explaining to me in layman terms so I could understand how the horses energy is a full circle.  Joyce had explained to me that Sabey's  energy was stopping at his hip.  Joyce began Reiki sessions once a week and our chiropractor identified his issue also within his hip.  Joyce worked patiently with Reiki and all of a sudden we noticed his movement greatly improving.  Sabey is now moving like he should again.  He went on to perform at a show and do a great job. We are continuing the Reiki before our shows."
   Thanks Joyce! Liz
Joyce and Sabey