Reiki For You

What to expect for Reiki for yourself. 

We offer Reiki sessions in the comfort of The Reiki Room.  The room is a calming soft sea mist color and soothing and music is always playing.  The Reiki tabel is in the center of the room and have pillows and blankets available.  No items of clothing are removed.
The hand positions of the healing will be explained before we even begin.  That will give you the opportunity to accept or decline any area of the body even before the session starts.  You don't even have to be touched if you are not comfortable with it. We are able to work in the aura just above the specific area being treated.

The Reiki Room



Reiki For Your Horse
What to expect for Reiki with your horse. 
First, we speak to the owner for specific problems. We run our hands over areas to locate soreness or discomfort.  Intuition and experience are the guiding factors.  We are searching for any heat from specific areas.  We also listen to what your horse is telling us via mind and body.  The focus is on the areas where the heat is; gently releasing it through the Reiki energy.  This draws the pain and discomfort out through the energy.  As the energy is released, the horse's eye lids may get heavy and yawning can be expected.  This is good as it is a sign that the pain and discomfort are being released, resulting in a calm state of being.

 Mama loves her Reiki - come out and visit

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Call: 708-912-4563

Reiki For Your Dog or Cat

What to expect for Reiki with your dog or cat.
Again, we speak to the owner for specific problems.  We check for specific areas of heat.  And, we check the heart for any sadness, which is often found in rescue pets or pets that recently lost a family or have a had another change. We also listen to any information your pet is telling us via communication of the physical or verbal being.  As with the horse the energy is released with the healing of the hands via Reiki.  You can expect your dog or cat to yawn or maybe even fall asleep in relaxation during the healing process.  
Scooby our rescued dog.

Pumpkin and OB - a claustrophobic
issue treated.