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  Energy Healing Inc.
Is your dog afraid of Thunder Storms?
We will work with you on creating a solution using Flower Essences.

Energy Healing Inc. is a service offering clients specialized healing through the energy of Reiki and Flower Essences.

Services are available for both people and animals.
Services include:
~Reiki Sessions
~Flower Essence Therapy 
~And, also offered is Reiki and Flower Essences training for those interested in learning to practice Reiki and/or Flower Essence Therapy themselves. For more information visit the Training page for Reiki and Flower Essences classes.
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joycestrezo@gmail.com  or call 708-912-4563 for additional information.
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Are you or your horse nervous in the show ring?
We will analyze your specific problem, whether it is an emotional (fear) or physical problem (pain),
and make recommendations on a solution using Reiki sessions and/or Flower Essences to resolve the issue and put you both at top performance.