Flower Essences
Flowers are very much enjoyed for their beauty and fragrance, but they also carry powerful healing properties.

A flower carries a unique imprint and embodies a specific energetic patten, this is the essence of the flower.  The essence can help us recognize, resolve, or release issues within ourselves and experience greater well-being and harmony in our lives. 
The Essence is bottled and then used within the body.  Flower Essences can be taken directly by mouth, or put in a beverage.  Flower Essences can also be placed on and absorbed through the skin.  No matter which method of use, when using flower essences our bodies are able to experience the blessings of nature. 
Flower essences:
  • Reduce stress in our lives.
  • Assist us in dealing with conflicts or issues.
  • Help us maintain our relationship with others.
  • Increase the health of our mind and body.


 Imagine you are standing in a beautiful field of flowers.  The beauty and  the aroma of these flowers awakens all you senses, you feel vibrant.

What to expect from a consultation?
  Meet with the person or owner and animal to discuss issues within themselves and areas in their lives where they wish to experience greater well-being and harmony.
Discuss and provide the best suited flower essences for a specific issue or area.
    ~Follow up to monitor progress and alter essences if needed.
To Schedule A Flower Essence Consultation
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