About Our Reiki and Flower Essence Practitioners

Joyce Strezo
Hello and thank you for visiting. My name is Joyce Strezo. I am a Reiki Master and also a Flower Essences creator. 
 Having five horses and a dog myself, my primary focus is you and your pets.  I strive to help both human and animal achieve harmony and balance in life using both Reiki and Flower Essences. 
I began with Flower Essences and Reiki by treating my own horses.  My horse, a twenty three year old, Arabian, named Mama, was ill and she was not responding to traditional veterinary care.  I began treating her with Reiki and Flower Essences and she had a complete recovery.
 I continue to practice Reiki and Flower Essence Therapy on my own pets and family, but also offer my services to the public.  I have worked with human patients undergoing chemotherapy at local hospitals as well as animals recoving from major surgeries. 
While Reiki and Flower Essences help in the healing process for the physical body I also use it to help heal those suffering from emotional trauma.  For example, after someone has lost a loved one I use Reiki and Flower Essences to help a person or animal achieve harmony and balance within themselves.  
Feel free to contact me for more information. 


Call: 708-912-4563
Thank You and Have a Wonderful Day,

In this photo you can see Joyce using Reiki on "Rumor," a rescue horse suffering from emotional as well as physical trauma.