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A group of researchers has prepared and fully characterised the first base adducts of silicon tetraazide. The highly energetic compounds combine a remarkable thermal stability, with a high reactive nitrogen content (up to 48 %). The safe and convenient synthesis of solutions of pure silicon tetraazide suggests a new route to a number of new nitrogen-rich compounds.
"Neutrale Lewis-Basen-Addukte des Siliciumtetraazids" Peter Portius, Alexander C. Filippou, Gregor Schnakenburg, Martin Davis, Klaus-Dieter Wehrstedt.  Angewandte Chemie Int. Ed., Volume 49, Issue 43, pages 8013-8016


This website is a compilation of ideas for new theoretic energetic compounds, and new synthesis routes for current ones. This site is related to the site "energeticchemical", but is intended as a separate distinct space
for untested designs and ideas.
Although much of the information is only a compilation of incomplete ideas, it may nevertheless be interesting to read, and perhaps become influential toward developing new better energetic substances. An advantage of the theoretic focus is that it can easily describe highly unusual types of energetic compounds which have generally been neglected by professional research.
This site is under construction. At this time "energeticchemical" still contains information theoretical in nature. After adding all the pictures from my "nitroacetone" experiment, the original site did not have enough room for any more pictures, another reason for this new site.
The designs or idea must involve a chemical reaction, not simply new composition.
If your idea seems both plausible and potentially useful, it will have a more prominent place on this site.
For designs that seem doubtful or of little value, an attempt will be made to dissuade you with an explanation provided as to why the design is not good. If you still desire to have your idea posted, it will be placed in a single section containing all the other ideas of little value, and designated as such.
There are plans to have sections for fluorine and boron containing energetic molecules, there is much content on this that can be moved from "energeticchemical", but hopefully new content can be found and added.
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Comments and suggestions about this site are very welcome! Please correct any of the mistakes on this site, or provide suggestions for improvements.