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Light Therapy

"Light Pads and Mask"

Light Pads and Masks for Health

Light Energy Systems

Relax. Restore. Reignite your Light.

We cater to professionals for clinical application as well as convenient in-home use by everyday consumers. With our light energy systems, users experience a safe, non-invasive, meditative session while being infused with light.

This light energy systems utilize flexible and durable LED (Light-Emitting Diodes) pads providing unlimited positioning to any area. Made with medical grade diodes, the highest power available, delivering red, blue and infrared light to the body.

Eye Mask Information

52 Red Spectrum (640 nm) and 52 Blue Spectrum (440 nm) LED photo pulsation diodes. This mask is specifically designed to go directly over closed eyes and can be placed anywhere on the body, as well.

When using a mask it does more than just feels good.  By entering the eye as a direct line to the pituitary gland it assists in decalcifying and cleaning the gland so that it can better perform for us.

The mask covers many acupressure points dealing mostly with digestion, thus assisting in that function as well.

Local Smart Pad Information

A powerful concentration of 60 Red Spectrum (640 nm) and 72 Infrared Spectrum (880 nm) LED photo pulsation diodes best used for targeted areas of the body. This pad can be placed anywhere on the body with the exception of directly over the eyes.

No matter where you might have pain, an ailment, or a concern; the light pad can be placed over that particular part of your body and assist in the rejuvenation or healing process.

These pads may be used along with the teeth whitening/gum regeneration light…

White by Light.

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