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Weight Management

Ideal Weight Program (IWP)
  • 12 week multifaceted Program
  • Uses Micro-current Acupoint Sessions (approximately 75 minutes)
  • pH Balance Diet
  • Cleansing-Detoxification
  • Exercise
  • Self Hypnosis
  • Nutrition Education and encouragement
The Micro-currant IWP differs from other weight reduction programs because:
*  It is managed with the backing of Dr Debbie Weiss and treats everyone individually
*  Weight  loss is determined and guided by body composition, nor weight loss alone
*  Gentle cleansing and detoxification prepares the body for metabolizing fat loss
*  The nutrition plan balances pH, includes all food groups and stabilizes blood sugar
*  Microcurrant Acupoint placement directly decongest fat and tonify metabolism uniquely promoting improved body composition
*  Incorporates self-hypnosis to address emotional/behavioral issues and motivation
*  Education and support address lifestyle aspects of exercise, sleep and stress.