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Facial Rejuvenation FAQ

Will I see results after the first session?
Most likely. A common way of marketing ELR™ is to treat only half of a client’s face. When they look in the mirror afterwards, most often they will clearly see the difference! One session is unlikely to have long lasting results, however. A series of sessions is required to re-educate the facial muscles and accomplish rejuvenation of the facial tissues and energy systems.

How many sessions are required for lasting results, and how often are sessions required?
Each person is different, for most clients, 10-20 sessions over a 5 – 7 week period will provide a gratifying, long-lasting effect. Ideal scheduling is 3 sessions the first week, 2 sessions each in the second and third weeks, and then 1 session a week for 3 – 4 weeks. Patients under 40 years of age will generally need 10 treatments; patients over 40 tend to need 15 or 20, depending on skin condition.  Patients in their 30′s can begin treatment as a preventative measure to slow the aging process; this works on a cellular level to keep the skin healthy.  Smokers, drinkers, drug users and sunbathers usually need between 15 and 20 treatments. To maintain he full benefits, the client should receive a booster treatment every 4 – 8 weeks after completing the series.

How long does it take to perform an ELR™ session? 
A complete ELR™ session takes one hour. A partial “lunch hour” facial can be completed in one half hour with noticeable rejuvenating and lifting effects.

What is vibrational medicine?
In the hands of a skilled and compassionate practitioner, vibrational medicine is true body-mind-spirit therapy. The word vibration, or frequency, refers to the pulsations of energy that make up and pattern all life and matter. Albert Einstein’s famous equation E = mc2 states that energy is equivalent to matter with its vibratory rate greatly speeded up. The energy fields that make up all living things are interactive. The ability of an energy field to influence the vibratory rate of another is called resonance. Vibrational medicine is based on energy resonance. Energy can be applied in the form of electrical microcurrents, light, magnetism, sound, energetic remedies and human touch (or some combination).

Examples of vibrational medical techniques are acupuncture, homeopathy, gem and flower essences, color light and laser, healing sound therapies, Reiki and hands-on healing. Several of the most effective vibrational therapies are combined in the Vibrational Beauty Therapy™ system.The great benefits of vibrational medicine in general are lack of negative side effects and the ability to effectively treat many difficult and challenging mind/body imbalances that cannot be diagnosed or effectively treated with Western medicine.

Are there any contra-indications for ELR™ treatment?
Yes. Some people should not have this treatment. Contra-indications include seizure diseases such as epilepsy, cancer, herpes outbreaks, patients with heart pacemakers and with open wounds on the face. For clients with the following disorders, treat with caution: patients tending toward migraines, extreme cases of rosacea, high blood pressure, patients on blood thinners and with ulcerated, irritated skin. Skilled whole-body microcurrent or acupuncture treatment may be beneficial for these conditions. It is not advisable to treat women during the first trimester of pregnancy, or women in poor health or with a history of miscarriage during any stage of pregnancy.

Can ELR™ be combined with other treatments, or should it only be done by itself?
ELR™ goes well with massage, lymphatic drainage, herbal wraps, hair styling and many energy balancing modalities. Some acupuncturists combine some scalp or body acu-point stimulation with needles and/or microcurrent with the facial techniques. It is not recommended to combine ELR™ with any other form of electrical stimulation to the face in the same session, although microcurrent stimulation of body points and regions is generally OK if indicated for the individual client.

Who can legally practice ELR™?
Estheticians, acupuncturists, physicians and most licensed health professionals can offer facial rejuvenation services. The main point to be aware of is that estheticians may not legally claim health benefits for specific diseases or pain conditions under their license.

How much does a ELR™ session cost?
This varies according to the geographical location. In large metropolitan centers such as New York City and Los Angeles, practitioners often charge $200 or more per session. In smaller, rural communities, sessions may go for less.