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Sauna Select - III


The benefits of sitting in a Far Infared Sauna are plentiful, including the following list:
Fat Buster 
Heart Pumper
Pain Kicker
Skin Cleanser
Stress Eater
Toxin Flusher
Whole Body balancing

Cardiovascular Workout

• Increase heart rate, cardiac output and metabolism
• 20 minutes is equivalent to 20 minutes of aerobics or a 6-9 mile run
• While reading, rejuvenating and relaxing, your body is getting a workout

Fat Buster, lose weight effortlessly

• In 20 minutes, burn 500-1500 calories
• Causes fat to be released through pores
• Anti-cellulite promoter

Pain Relief

• Recreates infrared rays found in sunlight
• Deep penetrating heat 1-1.5” easily reaches muscle and joint tissue
• Pain relief related to headache, backache, fibromyalgia, arthritis, muscle pain,
bursitis, sprains, strains, crushed vertebrae and late stage cancer

Skin, clean young and beautiful

• Enjoy beautiful, smooth, firm and baby-soft skin
• Improve tone and elasticity by rejuvenated skin
• Deep pore cleaning for acne and pore clogging cosmetics.

Stress, become relaxed and refreshed

• Shorten recovery time from cold and flu as it improves immune response.
• Stimulates the body’s natural healing processes
• Tension just melts.

Toxins, Flush and Eliminate

• Health system sauna makes it possible to sweat 3 times more than a
conventional sauna, the sweat is composed of 3 to 7 times more of non water
components in sweat from exercise or hot air saunas
• 9 -20 times more detoxification of heavy metals which include; lead,
aluminum, cadmium, silver, mercury and fat soluble organic toxins than
conventional saunas
• Avoid side effects of conventional detoxification programs including; nausea,
fatigue, body odor…this is due to direct elimination of toxins through the skin
in a healthy infrared sauna,

Whole Body Balancing

Boost vitality
Rebalance the Nervous System
Stop muscle spasms
May rebalance the whole body and reduce symptoms of Fatigue,
Fibromyalgia, Insomnia, Dizziness, constipation, headaches and blood pressure

Comparison to dry heat saunas

Cooler Temperatures, with deep penetrating Infrared rays with many benefits.
Comfort and safety
Time to meditate, read, listen to music or plan


Energetic Health and Wellness is offering  single visits or packages to enjoy the many benefits of th Sunlighten Spa experience. If you are interested in purchasing a sauna of your own, please visit: and tell them I sent you!