There are many amateur experimenters from a diversity of countries around the world, who share there interest online.
They have several sites with procedures and pictures. The below is a a very extensive and complete listing of all the good, science-oriented amateur sites that exist about energetic materials.
Related Sites:
Amateur pyrotechnic sites:
RogueScience Links
An online poster with the user name "Megalomania" had an excellent site, "The Explosives and Weapons Forum", but it has been inactive for several years. The new version of his "roguescience" site is at .
His site has not been entirely completed yet. Many of the intersite links are faulty. For the energetic compound index, you will need to insert "chemlab/ "  into the web address immediately after " ". For example, if you click on the link to "DAAF", the screen will say "The webpage cannot be found". The web address will say .  Click the cursor into the address and type chemlab/  ; the resulting address will be , which will direct you to the correct page.
The creator of "roguescience" also created a large synthesis collection for energetic compounds:
Complete archive of The Explosives and Weapons Forum: (a page archived from the old forum)

Excellent amateur chemistry sites:
Encyclopedia of Amateur Chemistry:
Articles about the Public's Fear of Home Chemistry:
Sites about Government Oppression:
Norwegian Experimenter's Online Community:
Jag er också aktiv på:
Pyrotechnic Supply Stores
(this store does not sell any ingredients for high explosives)
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Hex under construction technical aspects of detonation 
Megalomania Controversial ChemLabs how to make explosives with easy to obtain ingredients household chemicals 
  clandestine lab homemade explosives 
Anders Hoveland energeticchemical advanced chemistry of unusual propellents/explosives 
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