Ye Olde Inne

Welcome travellers.

Times are dark, and we have few guests these days. For your lodging tonight all I ask is news of the world and tales of your travels.

The site is still in development.  Please give me some ideas, I have set up an ideas page for the players to use as a sandbox. 

If you would like to add something to one of the other pages, please use the comments section.

Character Creation Guidelines

Please check the houserules and rules pages for mechanical rules, this is focussing more on background.

Your characters all grew up in and around Haven.  You are between the ages of 18 to 20, preparing for your coming of age ceremony where you are moving from being an apprentice to being a full adult.  You all know of one another and should have relationships with atleast 2 other characters in the larger group.

What I would like to see in character backgrounds

You background should be fairly brief, not more than 2 - 3 paragraphs, I am not lookking for the complete diary of your childhood, just some notable events that formed your development, possibly including the name of your trainer/master.  I would also like to see how you know one or two of the other characters.  This can be done in a second round of character building after I have all the backgrounds.

If you have things in your background you don't want as public knowledge, please send me a public draft alongside your full draft.

Also include a 130 character summary of your character.  For example: Vorgrym, Dwarf Fighter, Last of his clan searching the lands for the mythical Deepstone Sentinels to help defend the dwarf cities
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