WPC54GV2 Hack

A long time ago I made a post that showed how to get WPA2 out of a WPC54GV2 PCMCIA card.  It involved hacking up a different manufacturer's INF file to include the hardware ID for the Linksys WPC54GV2.  Since they both used similar hardware, the driver enabled WPA2 to work on the very old WPC54GV2 card.

I noticed that, even though that post was made some 2 or 3 years ago, that there are some people still coming to this site looking for the download.  So I decided to start hosting it again.

Note that this is for Windows XP only.  You most likely won't get this to work on Vista or 7.

Just go into Device Manager, find your card, right-click->update driver and point it to this driver file.


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