Malware Info

Malware detection and removal can sometimes be a tricky task.  It's a skill that can take time to develop.  Technicians and specialist that perform this task usually know a lot of detailed information about how the operating system (Windows) works.  This is why it is sometimes best to take it to a local shop to have it fixed. 

All viruses have similar traits which is why experienced experts may be able to find and remove viruses that automated tools can not.  However, virus removal can come at an expensive fee, ranging anywhere from $40 up to $100 - from a reputable shop.  For this reason, some people may even opt to buy a new computer or to simply leave it infected and deal with the symptoms.

In an attempt to save you a little bit of money, I'm going to go over a few things you can do to prevent viruses, and also what you can try to detect and remove them.  However, unless you are a fairly experienced computer user, I recommend that you go ahead and take it to a reputable shop so that it can be thoroughly analyzed.  All infections are different.