A Solo 12-Hour, 24 Mile Pool Swim

Endurance Event

Providing Swim Lessons for Central Florida Children

Additional Beneficiaries & Support Provided by:
Lake Mary High School's Swimming and Water Polo Teams, and the
Lake Mary YMCA Master's Swim Team

I Made It!  I raised $1,300.00

12 Hours - 25.82 Miles! (45,450 Yards - 1,818 Pool Lengths)

I gave a speech to the crowd at the end to the entire crowd and posted a synopsis on Facebook. I will quote it here:

"Today was an awesome experience for me. I have grown to love distance swimming and this event allowed me to both physically and mentally challenge myself. The support of friends, family, students, and and community members is truly appreciated. They day had some ups and downs in regards to my quest, but I met the challenges head on and destroyed them. Yes there was a time that I wondered if I would be able to finish, only to realize I still had 8 hours to go! [said jokingly]. So I pressed on and the event finished in dramatic fashion. I did 25.82 miles over the course of the last 12 hours!

A special thanks for my family and all their support of me. A special thanks to all of the support swimmers, both those that are Masters that I train with, as well as Lake Mary High's Water Polo and Swim teams.

A special thanks to all those that made a donation. Your efforts will both support the high school swim teams, but more importantly, swim lessons for kids. We hear all too often about the tragic consequences of children that pass on in situations that could have possibly been avoided by swim lessons. And having children of my own, that tragic thought tugs at my heart. The YMCA does a fantastic job in supporting swim lessons for children that can not afford them. Hopefully the funds raised today will assist the YMCA in its efforts. Will it save a life? Maybe, maybe not. But in my heart I feel like I did something more than a physical accomplishment, I did something good. I may not be perfect, but there's nothing wrong with trying! Thank again to all of you standing here. You all are awesome!"

Delivered at end of 25.82 mile 12 Hour swim. That 1,818 pool lengths or 45,450 yards!

Mentally drafted, sometime around hours 9 and 10.

Speech followed by a personal knuckle butt I gave to all those in attendance! 


  Luther F. Davis III, a physics and astronomy teacher and United States Masters Swimmer in Lake Mary, Florida, plans to swim at the J. Douglas Williams YMCA outdoor pool for 12 consecutive hours.  Donations will be accepted at the event and online in support of... Swim Lessons for Central Florida Children, Lake Mary High School's Swimming and Water Polo Teams, and the Lake Mary YMCA's Masters Swim Team.

You can donate here anytime up through and during the event.
Donate Now

Sign the Speedo!
Any person making a donation in person on February 8th will get to sign a NEW Electric Blue Speedo Jammer!
I will wear this specially signed Speedo for the last 1/2 hour of the swim event!

Background & Purpose 

Mr. Luther Davis, a physics and astronomy teacher at Lake Mary High School  is accustomed to over-the-top teaching techniques and athletic endurance practices.  Whether he has students smashing cinder blocks over his chest while lying on a bed of nails illustrating pressure or he is swimming 12.5 miles circumnavigating the island of Key West, he goes above and beyond pushing his limits ever further.  "I feel I can teach my students with interesting subject matter content and provide inspiration along the way," Davis says with a smile.  Davis finds a way to blend his professional teaching and personal athletic pursuits.

In the past he and his students have constructed a giant 1200-pound medieval siege throwing machine to demonstrate projectile motion and built a 10-hp lawnmower engine propelled hovercraft to illustrate principles or air pressure.  More recently, he and his students designed and built from scratch the country's first high school cable camera system for the school's football stadium.  Davis says, "I look at the unique projects I do with my students as more of a hobby.  I bring the students along as an integral part of the journey." 

He is a recipient of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Science and Mathematics Education and goes out of his way to stimulate student interest. Going out of his way, as he says, "Usually means bigger is better, and more meaningful."

Initial Inspiration

In 2010, Davis cycled 143.1 miles inside his classroom while teaching over a period of 7 hours.  He built a contraption that allowed him to cycle with real life approximation as if being outside cruising down a country road.  All the while, the physics lessons were being transmitted out to the would via the Internet. During the event, Davis raised over $1700 to support the American Diabetes Association.

Cycling Physics
Click photo to visit Cycling Physics Website

And now Davis wants to try something a little different to push his physical and inspirational limits even more.  He was a competitive swimmer in high school, but did not swim in college. He has experience running marathons and competing in long distance cycling events.  This past June, he swam 12.5 miles, circumnavigating the island of Key West, finishing in a respectable 7th place.  

In September 2013, Davis competed in the First Annual 8-mile Alligator Reef Lighthouse Swim.

He finished 1st Overall in the Male Solo Division!

And now, Davis wants to swim for 12 consecutive hours in his home training pool, all the while raising donations to support some worthwhile causes.       

Why Swim So Far?
Pushing the limits of one's physical endurance challenges more than just the body, it challenges the mind.  As a competitive high school swimmer, I relied on natural ability and hard work.  Now that I'm 40, I rely on life lessons learned and the mental fortitude I have gained since those times long ago.  And yes, I work hard now as well.  I've come to realize, that when swimming long distance, I can challenge myself in ways never imagined before.  

Event Sponsorship 
A huge thanks is extended to the 
J. Douglas Williams YMCA in Lake Mary for allowing this event to proceed.


Donate Now
You can donate here anytime up through the event.
Or you can donate in person at the event on February 8th. 
Your Support is Greatly Appreciated!

100% of donations raised will support: 

Swim Lesson Scholarships for Local Children,

Lake Mary High School Swimming and Water Polo Teams,

& Lake Mary YMCA Masters Swim Team.

Contact Information

Luther F. Davis III 
Lake Mary High School 
655 Longwood-Lake Mary Road
Lake Mary, Florida  32746 

Date & Time 
February 8, 2013 - 7:00 am - 7:00 pm (EST)

Watch the Event Online Live!
Live streaming video will be available at:
UStream.com - Luther Davis 12 Hour Pool Swim 

A quad-screen showing the four following camera angles will be streamed live during the event.
  • Camera 1: Underwater at pool's shallow end looking down length of pool.
  • Camera 2: Underwater at pool's deep end looking up showing turn at wall.
  • Camera 3: Above water showing swim lane and event spectators, support, and sound.
  • Camera 4: A display board with current swim stats and donations raised.  

Quad-Camera Test 01/26/2014:

Updates will also be provided on Facebook.

Stop by in Person to Cheer!
  • Any person, including non-members of the YMCA, may stop by to support Luther during the event. 
  • Masters and high school swimmers will update you on Luther's progress and answer any questions you may have.
  • A flat screen TV will show spectators the same 4 simultaneous camera views that are internet broadcast.
  • Poster boards/markers will be provided if you wish to make Luther a sign to cheer him on.  You can walk along the wall to show him!
  • Sign the guest book, so Luther may get a sense of all the "above the waterline" action as he later reflects upon the event.
  • Enjoy the music and help support a great cause!
  • Don't forget to "Sign the Speedo!"

How Far is He Going to Go?
Bathroom, hydration, nutrition, and stretch breaks will be allowed. But, they are to minimized to allow maximum total distance to be obtained for the 12 hour event.  With that in mind, there are three goals: 

The "Conservative" Goal: An English Channel Crossing 
     Distance: 21 miles
     Distance: 36,960 yards
     Pool Laps: 1,478.4
     Pace: 1.75 mph
     Pace: 1:57/100 yards
     Pace: 3,080 yards/hour

The "Nice Number" Goal: 40,000 Yards 
     Distance: 22.73 miles
     Distance: 40,000 yards
     Pool Laps: 1,600
     Pace: 1.89 mph
     Pace: 1:48/100 yards
     Pace: 3,333 yards/hour

The "He Went For It" Goal: 2.00 mph Average
     Distance: 24 miles
     Yards: 42,420
     Pool Laps: 1,689.6
     Pace: 2.00 mph
     Pace: 1:42/100 yards
     Pace: 3,520 yards/hour

Where Luther Will Swim?
Luther will be swimming in the lane marked with the red line.  Masters and High School swimmers may jump into the yellow lane to provide some motivational company. 

A great bunch... some of the Masters Swimmers I train with.


J. Douglas Williams YMCA, Lake Mary, Florida
   A Central Florida YMCA where the following train/swim:
     * Luther Davis
     * Swim Lesson Scholarship Recipients
     * Lake Mary Swim Team
     * Lake Mary Water Polo Team
     * Lake Mary YMCA Masters Swim Team

United States Masters Swimming
   National swimming organization for adult swimmers.

Lake Mary High School Swim Team
   Mr. Davis' favorite high school swim team.
   I teach or know many of the student athletes.

Lake Mary High School Water Polo Team

   Mr. Davis' favorite high school water polo team.
   I teach or know many of the student athletes.

Alligator Reef Lighthouse Swim, Islamorada, Florida
   An 8-mile open water ocean swim raining awareness for aging Florida lighthouses.

Florida Keys Community College Swim Around Key West
   A 12.5 mile open water ocean swim supporting Florida Keys Community College. 

Lake Mary High School
   The high school where Mr. Davis teaches (1/4 mile from YMCA pool).