The Midwest Faculty Conference

The Ends and Goals of Higher Education in Twenty-First-Century America: 
Change and the Calling of the Christian Educator

In a March 2014 symposium, Dr. Santa Ono, president of the University of Cincinnati, engaged a group of faculty
and InterVarsity staff members gathered at 
a handful of universities with a broad question: "The End of the University?" This symposium—sponsored by Graduate & Faculty Ministries of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and the Christian faculty and staff groups of the participating campuses and supported by the Emerging Scholars Network and InterVarsity Press—began a dialogue about the implications the technological, social, and research changes currently underway on campus. He challenged participants with a seemingly simple question: What value does the university add to the lives of students and their communities?

The 2014 Midwest Faculty Conference, June 21-27, will extend and build on the dialogue that began at "The End of the University?"  by focusing on three dynamics that are driving change in higher education: 
  • digital media and online learning
  • approaches to steering and sustaining colleges and universities
  • the evolving role of  STEM education

At the conference, six Midwestern faculty and administratorincluding Dr. Onowill help us to see higher education from their differing vantage points. Together, we will take up the question,

What value does a witnessing community of Christian faculty add to the lives of twenty-first-century college communities?