Feeding Endomondo TCX with HR data into Strava

Ok, I train with with Endomondo app, and record my heart rate while running.
And then I want to get .TCX file from Endomondo and upload it to Strava.
But what I get? Incorrect pace values. So I invesigated a bit and wrote the Windows Powershell script to modify the file so the Strava could import it correctly.
All it does is cutting out Trackpoint tags with identical lon/lat coordinates.
Feel free to use the script and change it if you want to.

Open powershell, cd to where you downloaded the script and then run it, passing one parameter - path to the .tcx file.

PS C:\Users\RK\OneDrive> .\endo-tcx2.ps1 D:\Download\20160428_040045.tcx
Trackpoints: 1213
Trackpoints removed: 1021

It will create a new file named like D:\Download\20160428_040045.out.tcx
Roman Kalashnikov,
Jan 19, 2017, 11:04 PM