The Midwest Faculty Conference

The "End of Higher Education in Twenty-First-Century America: 
Change and the Calling of the Christian Educator

In a March 2014 symposium, Dr. Santa Ono, president of the University of Cincinnati, engaged a group of faculty
and InterVarsity staff members gathered at 
a handful of universities with a broad question: "The End of the University?" This symposium—sponsored by Graduate & FacultyMinistries of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and the Christian faculty and staff groups of the participating campuses and supported by the EmergingScholars Network and InterVarsity Press—began a dialogue about the implications the technological, social, and research changes currently underway on campus. He challenged participants with a seemingly simple question: What value does the university add to the lives of students and their communities?

The 2014 Midwest Faculty Conference, June 21-27, will extend and build on the dialogue that began at "The End of the University?"  by focusing on three dynamics that are driving change in higher education: 
  • digital media and online learning
  • approaches to steering and sustaining colleges and universities
  • the evolving role of  STEM education

At the conference, six Midwestern faculty and administrators--including Dr. Ono--will help us to see higher education from their differing vantage points. Together, we will take up the question,

What value does a witnessing community of Christian faculty add to the lives of twenty-first-century students and their communities?